How to go to Lighthalzen City in Ragnarok Mobile

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In the coming days, Episode 6.0 is finally arriving in Ragnarok M Eternal Love (SEA) version. With this new update, there are lots of new features added to the game, including a new map, monsters, shops, pets, and NPCs.

The new map included in this update is the Lighthalzen City, in the original Ragnarok Online, this place is famous for as the science capital of the Kingdom of Rune-Midgard, where you’ll find new shops for science labs, experiment quests and NPC scientists.

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  1. Lighthalzen City Location Guide
  2. Homunculus Lab Dungeons

Since this is already released in the China version of Ragnarok Mobile, there are lots of translated English guides on YouTube and how to go to the new map called Lighthalzen.

Lighthalzen City Location Guide

To get here, you need to go first to the Juno, Einbroch Field. Then at the lower-left corner of the map (8 o’clock), you will find a teleport going to the Lighthalzen Field.

In Einbroch Field, you’ll find new monsters that you can farm for new items and loots. The recommended level for farming here is Level 110 to 129.

Now at the bottom corner of Lighthalzen Field, there is a single teleport on the map. Follow the teleport and you’ll be headed to the new city of Lighthalzen.

You finally arrived in the city where you can purchase new equipment, weapons, and quests.

Homunculus Lab Dungeons (Rekenber Co.)

The Bio-Lab dungeons are also located inside the Lighthalzen City. It is located in the single portal on the map at the upper left corner at 10 o’clock.

Going inside the portal will lead you to the Bio Lab Reception Area or known as Rekenber Corp in the original Ragnarok Online, then to enter to the Bio Lab Dungeon 1F to 3F, just proceed to the succeeding portal inside the map.

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