387 Players Suspended from Saint Seiya Awakening after Abusing Bugs

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At the moment, Some 387 players in Saint Seiya Awakening Knight of the Zodiac (Global Version) are experiencing suspension. This is after abusing a bug in the game that will gain them SS Cosmos.

The Dev team already issued a statement from their Facebook page regarding the situation and fixed the bugs.

“Dear Saints, After yesterday’s update, an abnormal SS Cosmo drop rate occurs in Cerberus (a surprising instance in Titans game mode). We have fixed this bug through a hot-fix already.”

In response to players who abused the bugs, they’ve suspended a number of players in the game.

  • 207 players who uses the bugs 6 to 10 times are suspended for 1 day and require to split the SS Cosmos within 2 days, otherwise, their account is blocked for 30 days.
  • 177 players are also suspended after using the bugs 10 to 39 times. However, these players received a 1-year suspension.
  • 3 players who abuse the bugs more than 40 times are permanently blocked from the game.

The player who was included in the suspension will receive a similar notification from the game “Athena temporarily canceled your saint qualification, remaining 364 d 24 hr” or “Atena suspendeu temporariamente sua qualifacacao de cavaleiro. Tempo restante: 364 d 23 h”.

Because of this incident, they also send compensation to each player in the game with 10 Gacha Coins.

How to Appeal the Suspension

For those 177 players, they can still appeal to remove the suspension. This is by submitting a ticket to customer support.

You can send your appeal on this link: support.gtarcade.com/search/choose-form?gid=404

Are you one of the suspended players in Saint Seiya Awakening? Are you aware of the bugs? Let us know in the comment section!

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