Should You Be Hiding Your IP When Gaming? All Questions Answered

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With new online games appearing every day, users are looking for ways to improve their gaming experience and secure their devices at the same time. Many gaming websites encourage online gamers to use VPNs and proxies to hide their IP addresses. There are several reasons behind it, including better security and easier access to locked games.

Here is everything you need to know about hiding your IP address while gaming.

Can I hide My IP Address?

The short and simple answer to this question is yes; you can hide your IP address in a few different ways. IP addresses reveal the user’s location, thus exposing them to security risks and geo-restrictions. It is possible to hide an IP address using a proxy, which is a server that acts as a middleman between the device and the web. Even though this is an effective way to hide an IP address, it is not the most secure solution.

For extra security, it is best to use a virtual private network that will not only hide the IP address but also encrypt all data traveling to and from the device. A VPN will come in handy when using public WiFi networks, as it adds an extra layer of security to protect data and devices. Other ways to hide an IP address include using a smart DNS that replaces your original DNS address with a new one, or using the TOR browser.

Why You Want to Keep Your IP Address Hidden

There are several reasons why people try to hide their IP addresses when gaming online. The first and most important one is security. When you connect to a gaming server, your IP address is revealed. In case the server gets hacked, the gamers’ info will be exposed to hackers and third parties, which can lead to serious consequences. Exposed data can mean financial theft, device breaches, and even identity theft in some cases.

By hiding their IP address, gamers can remain anonymous and protect their data and devices in case the game server gets breached. Besides security, gamers often hide their IP addresses and replace them with fake ones to access locked games. Online games are often unavailable in certain regions for copyright reasons. However, it is possible to access them by switching your IP address to an address located in a country where the game is available. For instance, if you want to access a game that is only available in the US, simply use a VPN server located in the US to change your virtual location.

Lastly, users often hide their IP addresses to avoid DDoS attacks. If another malicious player knows your IP address, they can send a lot of traffic your way and overwhelm your network. A targeted player is then disconnected from the game and might lose an important battle, for example. Using a VPN is the easiest way to protect yourself from DDoS attacks. But when selecting a provider, users should pay attention to things like ping time, connection speeds, etc.


If you ever found yourself wondering “can I hide my IP address?” the answer is yes. Hiding an IP address is easy, and it is not only useful when gaming. It can help increase online security in general by hiding the user’s information from third parties. Moreover, virtual private networks can prevent a variety of cybersecurity issues, especially when using unprotected WiFi networks. Overall, investing in a VPN is a smart move, especially nowadays when the number of cyberattacks and malware infections is growing at a rapid rate. However, keep in mind that not all virtual private network services will keep your data and devices 100% secure. There are many free VPN providers out there that promise to encrypt data and hide your IP address. However, free VPNs often record users’ data and sell it to advertisers. In other words, free virtual private network solutions are not a reliable option when it comes to increasing online security. Instead, opt for well-known and reliable VPN providers that are serving millions of people across the globe. As long as the provider has positive reviews, good speeds, and offers great customer support, you should be good to go

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  • Vinny September 23, 2019 12:32 pm

    VPNs literally can do almost anything. Wait a little more and they will be able to fry omelette wit bacon 😀 Ok, that’s a joke, but who knows. I purchased Nord VPN like a year ago and since I didn’t try any others, I can comment only on this provider. Well, for it’s price it’s amazing. Honestly, it has everything what VPNs stand for: sec features, strong encryption, large server pool. So one day you are in India and the other Ukraine… cool traveling 😀 All in all, it’s a good provider and I like it 🙂


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