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If you remember MU Online, it was one of the most popular MMORPG games played in PC before. Until now, it never lose its popularity among MMORPG players. In fact, the game has a second sequel, and it’s a mobile version, the MU ORIGIN 2. The game was first launched in  South Korea and China, follows its launch in Southeast Asia. The game has proven in these regions and has been played by millions of players already. Just a few days ago, the game launched its grandest updates including a dedicated server for PH players, and the all-new class Magic Gladiator.

MU Origin 2, a 3D MMORPG game that features five classes: Swordsman, Mage, Archer, Diviner and the new one, Gladiator. The gameplay of the game adapts the original MU Online game where the players adventure in the real time open world of MU Continent, raising their level by taking down monsters and bosses from each town and collecting items and gears to boost the characters base points. 

One of the new features you’ll find in the MU Origin 2 is the auto-battle, which is familiar to all mobile MMORPG game. Auto-Battle or Autopilot is a useful tool for completing most of the daily housekeeping elements of the game. It automatically cast skills, use potions and do physical damage to the enemies. It also has an auto-pathfinding quest, wherein it allows player to automatically locate the NPC for the quest, and complete it. You just have to sit and watch.

It is packed with Story and Side quests, in which players can enjoy the storyline of each journey — getting to know the story of the MU Continent, and world bosses. Aside from that, both of the quests rewards plenty of experience points to the players, making it easier to level up character without the needs of heavy grinding. It also has a separate daily quest which gives new adventure to all.

Like all of the MMORPG Game, MU Origin 2 has PVP (Player vs. Player)  features that will make the game more interesting and competitive among players. The PVP of MU Origin 2 allows the player to battle in any environment by turning on the attack-all features. Any players within the range can attack each other and players who are victorious will get the bounty reward. Daily PVP Ranked mode is also one of the PVP features; it allows players to battle in an open arena testing their skills with its opponents. Whoever wins the match will get the rewards and earn a rank point. Every day, players who make to the daily rank will earn additional rewards.

New PH Server (Palawan and Batanes)

The MU Origin 2 has become so popular among many MMORPG players in the Philippines and receives 1 million downloads in the country alone. The developers recognize these achievements, and to celebrate it, they released a new dedicated server for the Filipino players, the server is called “S220-Palawan”.

The new server allows a fresh start for all players in the game whether a veteran or a new one. It is also packed with large gifts and rewards for the newcomers. 

Rewards are in the form of giftcode. Rewards are: Exclusive Title: Proud Pinoy, Mount, Costumes, and abundant valuable items for the game.

Rewards for both Palawan and Batanes server are the following:

  • Wings: Bloody Devil (7 Days)
  • Mount: Dark Dominator (7 Days)
  • Title: Proud Pinoy
  • 1,000,000 x Gold
  • 500 x Pink Diamond
  • 199 x Emperor Tome
  • 5 x EXP Card (5x)

Magic Gladiator

Since the game has been launched 9 months ago. The MU Origin 2 developers didn’t forget to give surprises to all players, and it releases the brand new class, Magic Gladiator.

The new Magic Gladiator is a duel master, a combination of a Swordsman and a Mage. They are wielding its sword with spells, bringing unique skills that deal a considerable amount of damage to the enemies. 

However, Magic Gladiator can only be unlocked when the player reaches level 120 and above in the game. Once the player has a single character with that level, the Magic Gladiator will be available to use.

If Magic Gladiator skill is equipped with MAG or ATK weapon, it automatically switches it’s abilities and gain different skills.

Below, you’ll find the new set of skills of Magic Gladiator (ATK Weapon).


Sky Thunder Flash
Unleash several lightning balls, dealing minor damage to targets within certain area ahead. 

Whirl Slash
Wields the weapon while spinning and slashing so fast that wind pressure is generated, dealing minor damage to targets within a certain area. 

Universe Cross Sword
Unleases a cross shape slash to nearby ground with self as center, dealing high damage and slowing enemies.

Fire Sword Strike
Charges ahead with weapon in hand, dealing medium damage to enemies on the path and Immobilizing them.

Fire Blood
Detonates the curse of blood, dealing Kindle damage to nearby enemies and increasing self ATK during Fire blood period.

Slashes ahead with the Force of Ice, dealing damage to targets within a certain ahead and applying slow effect.

Arcane Moon Slash
Slashes forward with sowrd and leaves a crescent sword afterglow, dealing massive damage to targets within a certain area and stunning them.

Bloody Storm
Summons magical claymore that scatters and falls to attack nearby targets ahead, dealing massive damage and applying HP recovery effect.

Here are the skills of Magic Gladiator (MAG Weapon).


Palm Thunder
Unleash several lightning from his palms, dealing minor damage to targets within certain area ahead. 

Flame of Destruction
Concentrates the force of fire to generate a scorching eddy around him, dealing minor damage to targets within a certain area. 

Ground Prison Spell
Columns of earth prison emerge around Duel Master, dealing damage and Immobilizing enemy.

Illusion Beam
Moves in extremely high speed, generates afterglows shadow and charges ahead, dealing damage to enemies on the path.

Dark Flame
Bursts out of Force of Darkness, dealing minor damage to targets within a small area nearby and Stunning them for a sort time. Duel Masters also gains Excellency Bonus effect.

Detonates the flame, dealing moderate damage to targets withing area, and gain ATK Up effect.

Channels the flame of stars, dealing massive damage over time to targets within a certain area ahead.

Headtop Lightning
Channels the thunderclap to blast targets within a certain area nearby, dealing massive damage and Stunning targets for a short time.

It also has an additional event called Magic Gladiator Returns, when the number of Magic Gladiator in the server meets the required numbers, luxury rewards can be claimed from all players in the server.

Special Item: Palm Leaf Event

Starting September 5 to 18, 2019, a new event Palm Leaf unique item will be available in the game. The special item Palm Leaf can be obtained from killing monsters. Monsters and Elites have a chance to drop Palm Leaf while world boss will guarantee a 100% drop.

In addition, when a team includes a line up of a Magic Gladiator. Each Magic Gladiator in the team will have an increase of 1% EXP bonus when killing a monster. If a team has a full squad of Magic Gladiator, it will get a total of 4% additional EXP.

Marriage and Star Destiny Tower – Couple Team

Only couples with a strong bond can pass the Star Destiny Tower’s final test. Those who once had a weak relationship will receive a small punishment. 

Marriage system is the new features in the game. It allows players to propose with other opposite gender players in the game to get married and grand a wedding ceremony. Getting married in the game activates additional stat bonus, a wedding rings and the Couple Team Gameplay.

Wedding Rings is one of the requirement to join the Start Destiny Tower – Couple Team.

Players can take the quest anytime they want. However, only Lv. 200 and above can enter this dungeon, it also requires a duo team from the Marriage system to join this dungeon.

The tower is composed of 60 levels in total. Players have unlimited access to the dungeon anytime. Every tower they cleared will gain equivalent rewards like EXP and materials that can be used to upgrade couple skills, such as the Diamond Shards. 

The level 1 to 30 stages, requires the couple to upgrade their wedding rings every 10 levels. While the remaining level 31 to 60 requires the couple to upgrade their wedding rings every 20 levels.  

Player can use 1 single Raid daily that consumes gold to receive the rewards of the cleared stages immediately. The single Raid will reset every midnight.

In every 5 levels of the dungeon, players will face the Boss at this level. Clearing the boss stage will get a generous rewards.

This mode is now available through the Event menu. 

New Gameplay – Abyss Roland City War

Roland City stands in the valley of Loren and is the for the armed forces around that want to challenge it. The canopy of the canyon, the sacred heavens of the dragons, whoever can win the final battle and obtain this city will be the overlord of the MU continent!

Available every Wednesday, the Abyss Roland City War is open to all Alliances or Guilds that would like to challenge their team cooperation against other Alliances. The good news is that this event is an cross-server, meaning other Alliance from other server can join the fight. 

The objective of this gameplay is simple, the alliance who captures the Dragon Tower will win the battle. 

Winning alliance will get exclusive titles and other gorgeous rewards. The new gameplay can be access from Abyss Event menu.

New BOSS: Darknight Wave Witch and Phantom Prince

A new boss will also emerge in the Abyssal Realm: Goddess Cape and Tahm Temple. Ready your gears and defeat these bosses to get exciting rewards.

Heavenly Treasure

Try your luck with the Heavenly Treasure Hunt, gold and rare items are included on these hunt, item like the mountable: Colorful Beast, Weapon Scrolls, Spiril Eggs and Random Boxes that contains precious gem.

You’ll need a Divine Keys to draw in the lottery. Each of they key cost around 200 diamonds that contains 20,000 Gold and 1 x Divine Key.

In Pantheon, costume item such as Dragonlord Helm, Armor of Dragon Lord, Sacred Stone and more are also listed for sale but requires a Divine Essense to purchase the item. 


The new update is packed with lots of exciting features that are going to make the MU 2 world more fun than usual. Therefore, go ahead and check out the new updates on the game.

What’s new: 

  • New PH Server (Palawan and Batangas)
  • New Class – Magic Gladiator
  • Palm Leaf Event
  • Couple Gameplay – Star Destiny Tower
  • Heavenly Treasure
  • New Boss: Darknight Wave Witch and Phantom Prince

If you haven’t download MU Origin 2, you can download the game at Google Play for Android, and App Store for iOS. 

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