Lumia Saga – Ranger and Assassin Classes Arrive in Massive Game Expansion

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Lumia Saga, a mobile MMORPG published by Century Game, has been burning the charts since its recent launch in Southeast Asia. Showing gamers a magical world with its adorable art style, unlimited adventure, and unique gameplay, the popularity of Lumia Saga has seen it getting over 700,000 downloads! This momentous milestone was achieved in just under 2 months after Open Beta began on 6 August. Lumia Saga has also been featured by Google Play and App Store during this time on both top downloads and grossing charts!

After over a month of planning and preparing, the team at Century Game is ready to launch a major new update for Lumia Saga on 24 September, Tuesday. Long-awaited features including new classes, class-transfer system, and 10-player dungeons are all set to take the magic continent by storm. Let us take a brief look at them:

New classes: Ranger & Assassin

Ranger – The agile Ranger scours the continent of Lumia all year round to hunt down evil doers. This class is capable of dealing dealing massive single-target damage from afar.

Assassin – Silent but deadly, the Assassin excels at sneak attacks, finishing off opponents before they know what hit them. A fearsome force to be reckoned with in the PvP arena!

All-class transfer system

Players can now transfer their characters to other classes! Skill levels, Rune Disk levels, etc will all be inherited to the new class. No losses at all!

All characters get a FREE talent reset after each class transfer. Select your talent from scratch and build a new formidable character!

All players will also receive 12 FREE gem conversion chances after each class transfer.

Join forces in 10-player PvE dungeon

Rajeel’s Great Challenge: Rajeel is an ancient guardian of the elven race, but he has since fallen to the dark side. Rising from the abyss, he scares away most adventurers with his roar… the roar of a betrayer!

Mist of the Dragon: Surrounded by mist with dark shadows lurking within, it is difficult to distinguish between day and night in this area. Legend has it that the Fantasy Dragon has been residing here for thousands of years guarding its precious treasures.

Hideout: This location is like a maze made of plants…. but not normal plants! Dark elves study black magic here, and even capture pure elves to be used as experiment subjects…

Come and join the Lumia Saga party today!


Century Game will start new events with great rewards right after the massive update on 24 September, Tuesday. Prepare to win countless rewards! You can find the latest event information on the Lumia Saga Facebook page:

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