Is it Possible to Eliminate Early 150 Gear Level in Ghost Recon BreakPoint

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During the prologue of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, after investigating the helicopter crash site and found the rest of the team. The Villian, Jon Bernthal or Colonel Cole Walker showed up and killed the remaining surviving team. After the cutscene of a helicopter landed in the scene, players has an option to either engage with the enemy or seek a place to hide to continue the other objectives.

Other players tried to engage the enemies and failed to defeat them all, and most players just hide and continue with the objective. So what will happen when players defeat all of these enemies in the dangerous area?

Engaging with this high gear level enemy is a gamble because they damage almost half of your lives and can easily eliminate players when spotted.

But there is actually a way to kill them, and you can see right here below on our video.

So, what will happen when players eliminated the 150 Gear Level on the early prologue of the game? Players can loots some of the gear from the enemy, and get some experience points.

Have you tried engaging with these enemies before? and become successful? Or you’ll try it again to see what will happen? Let us know in the comment section.

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