How to Unlock Secret Achievement Rewards in Saint Seiya Awakening

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In the Achievement Rewards in Saint Seiya Awakening for SEA and Global (Knights of the Zodiac), there are secret achievement rewards that most players were not aware of these achievement.

When opening the Achievement tabs at the Daily button from the game menu. You’ll find a section called Anecdotes, where there are additional achievement rewards that you can get Golds and Diamonds. Most task here are easy to complete and some are no longer available or exist from the game.

In this tips, you’ll learn how to unlock the Achievement Applause to the mafia-like and the Share.

Applause to the mafia-like

Send the Graude Foundation and send it to town. This task is one of the interesting and tricky achievement. If you have no idea how to get this done, you’ll get stuck on claiming the rewards.

Before anything else, make sure you have the Graude Guard saints.

To do complete this Achievement, change your Captain to Graude Guard.

To replace your captain, go to the Main menu screen and click and hold your main menu character (Captain) until it shows the Replace Captain button.

Then, find and select Graude Guard and click Confirm.

Finally, the last step is to go to the Townlet. To go there, just click the Townlet button from the Main Menu Screen. After reaching the area, just roam around the town and you’ll automatically get the Achievement.

To claim your rewards, go to the main menu, click Daily > then ACHV > Anecdotes > then find the Applause to the mafia-like. Then click the Claim button.


  • 40,000 Gold
  • 20 Diamonds


Share the game 5 times. By sharing the game on Facebook you’ll unlock this achievement.

To share the game, go to Codex > Saint Codex > Pick any available Saints from the list > Then click the Show Off button underneath the photo.

Press the Share on Facebook and do the step 5 times to unlock the reward.


  • 40,000 Gold
  • 20 Diamonds

Link Phone Number

Unfortunately, this option is not available in the SEA and Global Verson (KOTz). Only available in the China version where players can add a phone number during the game registration.

Rewards: 40,000 Gold and 20 Diamonds

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