How to Take Photo in Galaxy S10+ with the Logo Watermark

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You maybe curious on how other people has a Samsung Galaxy S10+ logo watermark in their pictures. Some people has no idea on how to add these to their image to show off their phones precious brand. You may also add these logo on the screenshot of your favorite games.

However, there is now instant way on adding this watermark logo, you need to manually add these using the built-in photo editor of your phone. See our guides below on how to do it.

How to Add Samsung S10 Plus Watermark Logo

Browse Gallery then select a photo that you’d like to add the watermark.

Below the screen, tap the Pencil or Edit button.

Then tap the smiley sticker icon, in between the 3 circle and T icon.

Now, go to the Calendar Icon.

From here, find the Samsung Galaxy logo watermark and drag and drop the logo to your photo.

That’s it! Don’t forget to save it and share your precious photo in the comment section. Here is our comment entry!

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