How to Smokie Rescue Mission (Puzzle Answer) in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

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The third event of Smokie Back to School is finally live. It’s a dungeon event instance where players needs to rescue Smokie from the prison cell guarded by an Elite Smokie Hunter. In this article, we will cover on how to complete the Event Instance.

To activate the event, you need to talk to NPC named Orim The Great Headmaster at the Prontera Square.

Different Puzzle in Each Server

Please take note that each server assigned different puzzle to complete the daily task, and there are server that have the same puzzle.

We will try our best to cover all of the puzzle for Smokie Rescue.

1. Rescue Dommy Puzzle (Go to Cell)

This puzzle appears on PH50, Day 1.

Once you’re in the dungeon, the first objective you need to do is to go to the cell to the left top side corner of the Dungeon Room.

To passed the Elite Smokie Hunter, you need to follow him undetected until you reach the stairs, then move on the corner to avoid getting caught. Wait for him to pass through, and move ahead.

Once you’ve reached the Cell, talk to the Racoon to get the answer password for the cell locked.

Cell Switch Password

The password for the Cell Switch are Abooda and Lisia.

Once you reach the middle, move to the other side to passed the guards. Below are the easiest puzzle path that you can use to complete this puzzle.

2. Rescue Doko Puzzle (Go to the Cell)

This puzzle is continuation of the Day 1 (Dommy Puzzle).

It will have the same starting location on the Day 1, sneak with the first Elite Smokie Hunter and reach to the Cell.

After rescuing Doko, you’ll need to enter the password for the Cell Switch. The password is Seven, and Eagle; Nails.

The same puzzle path in Day 1.

3. Rescue Doku & Dossie Puzzle (Go to the Cell)

Same as the 1st and 2nd day. Reach the cell on the top right of the map then, doku will give you the password for the Cell Switch.

The password for the Cell Switch is Vanilla, and Souffle.

This time, you’ll meet Orim and has a few action scene. From here, you need to run and follow the same puzzle path in day 1 and day 2. Just ignore the Elite Smokie Hunter hitting you until you reach the yellow circle mark.

That’s it for now guys! This guide is developing..

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