How to Monster Loot Event (Smokie Hunter & Badge) in Ragnarok Mobile

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The event 2 for Smokie Event is finally live in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, the Monster Loot, where players will able to loot up to 200 Smokie badge per day after slaying an Smokie Hunters in North Prontera. There is no time schedule for this event as the Smokie Hunters will always spawn all the time (24/7), the event will end until September 12, 2019.

So Ragna Players, go to North Prontera and hunt Smokie Hunters to get the Smokie Badge.

Players will able to get a total of 2,400 Smokie badge for this 7-day event. Players running out of combat time can still receive Smokie Badge.

How to Monster Loot (Event 2)

Go to Prontera North and find the Smokie Hunter.

Defeating the Smokie Hunters will allow you to receive 2 x Smokie Badge.

Each day, players can only loot up to 200 Smokie Badge. A 10 to 30 minutes event to complete.

That’s it guys! Hope this guide helps you.

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