Here is the Reason Why Lumia Saga Players Couldn’t Login via Facebook

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Some of Lumia Saga Facebook groups has been flooded with post regarding the problem with logging in to the game using Facebook. Players received an error message that says “App Not Setup: This app is still in development, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.”, while other players receives a blank error message after using the Facebook login.

This error usually cause by a mis-configuration on the side of the dev team of Lumia Saga, specifically from their Facebook app, the FB app that they are using is not yet live and in development mode.

Sid Rick, posted in Lumia Saga SEA Group, “Ayaw ma login mga sir. Fb kasi gamit ko. Pano nato?”, translated in English “My account wont login, I am using Facebook, how to fix it?”.

Unfortunately, players couldn’t do anything to fixed this issue. For now, players needs to do is to message the Lumia Saga support team to fix the error.

This error only happens if players logout and login back their account from the device. Players who have not yet logout their account from their device is not affected by this problem. We advice players who use Facebook login not to logout their account to avoid this error.

We will also do our best to contact the dev team and asked to fix this problem. We will keep you posted for updates, check this page for further info.

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