Chess Rush Patch Review, New Hero (Headreaper) and Guild System

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A new update just arrived on Chess Rush last September 12, 2019. It brings a lot of improvements, changes and new exciting features to the game that fans should probably love to know. One of the highlights of this update is the debut of the new hero Headreaper, Casual Mode and the Guild system.

They’ve also added a mini Quiz game that test players skills in the game and has some exciting rewards. 

Casual Mode: Treasure Raider

Just a few weeks ago, Chess Rush released a new mode for everyone the 4v4 mode. This time, it releases additional mode and it’s called Casual Mode: Treasure Raider.

Instead of getting random equipment during the loot round, the new modes enable players to choose up to 3 random equipment that they like to use and it can be equipped to a single hero.

It also features over 30 new pieces of equipment with different rarity, the rarest, the more attributes for heroes.

Mini Quiz Game

Chess Rush new mini game is the Quiz game, it will test players abilities and knowledge to the game by recognizing heroes skills and usage. Players will also get rewards once they reach the accumulated correct answers. 

Every day player can answer up to 20 correct questions, it will restore daily. The quiz consists of 10 questions, most of the questions is about the heroes race, skills and crystal amount. 

Players can access the Mini Quiz at the Heroes menu, on the top of the screen there should be Quiz scroll icon.


Totemface was removed from the hero pool and it was replaced with a new hero, Headreaper. A goblin and assassin hero that eliminates enemies with the lowest health in the enemies line up and ables to heal itself after successfully eliminating the target. 

Replacing Totemface with Headreaper also allows players to easily complete the 6 assassins’ additional skills which make all of the assassins unit invisible at the beginning of the battle and deals 300% damage. 


Dead from Above – Uses the hook to leave the battlefield temporarily, then descends from above to strike the enemy with the lowest HP, dealing physical damage equal to 240%,300%,360% of attack damage. If the target’s HP is below 30%, this ability will deal with 3x damage. If this ability kills the target, 80% of cooldown and 80 mana will be returned.

Attack Damage 225
Armor Up20
Magic Resist0
Attack Speed 1.2
Attack Range1

New User Interface

The developer of Chess is always listened with their fans and added the requested features to the game, and one of the request are the changes on User Interface (UI) of Chess Rush. The changes fixes several issues and added new improvement that will make the game easier to understand and play it in a real-time battle.

Unlike before, when viewing the Skills on the skill tab, you can only see the icon of the heroes. Upon clicking the icon, players can now see the 3D image of the hero  — a helpful tool for players who are new to the game. 

They improved the in-game UI at the top of the screen visible during the matches. The gold and blue banner were removed from the top of the screen. They have replaced it with a simplified approach that gives more spaces and views for the chessboard and the heroes. See the before and after below.

They added lines that connect heroes that will form combos. Visible when dragging a hero that is part of a combo.

Players’ perspective during a match is now realtime. When a player matches with another player, the heroes lineup teleported to other players chessboard, making the whole battle experience synced with each other. They have also arranged the order of players in the players’ tab on the right corner of the screen, adding a battle sign icon and pairing the player by order. These changes will help players to know their current enemy without browsing each player board easily.

Since Chess Rush matches are live, there was a misinterpretation of how the matches work that leads to players accusing someone of cheating. In this update, they made a few changes in the UI of the player’s battle. When there is not enough pair of players, they have added the Mirror image underneath the player’s name. It means the player currently matches with Mirror image is only a copy, and any damages made to it will not affect the player’s health.

Guild System

Finally, for the first time in an auto battler game, the guild system is here, and it’s in Chess Rush. Players can now form a group in the game participating in different activities and showcasing their talents in the world ranking. 

Players can create their own guild using 300 vouchers or around P260.00.

Membership in the guild includes the leader who created it, appointed vice leaders and elites and all members who joined the guild. A leader can appoint up to 2 vice leader, and the number of elites depends on the number of members in the guild. For every 5 members in the guild, the number of elites that can be appointed is 1. 

Leaders and vice leaders can invite other players by sending a recruitment message in the world chat. Players without guild can open the list of the guild available in Chess Rush and able to join or create a guild.

The capacity of the guild depends on its level, it starts at 20 cap and a maximum of 50 cap members. Below is the guild capacity chart.

Guild LevelCapacity

Guild Level can be level up by completing the activities in the guild like quests and joining matches, any activity points earned by the guild members are converted into EXP that is used to increase the level. 

Aside from that, It also has a guild ranking where it determines the ranks based on the activity points collected by the guild. However, all of these activity points are reset after the season ends and guilds can earn rewards based on their rank. Here are the charts for the guild ranking. 

RankActivity Points Required

Activity points of the guild members that leave or kicked from the guild are deducted from the weekly activity points. They also lose all of the activity points earned in the guild.

Guild Rewards

Every week, there is a weekly rewards that are sent to all guilds in Chess Rush. The rewards depend on the rank they get from the world ranking.

Rank PlacedRewards
1st Place50,000 Gold
2nd Place30,000 Gold
3rd Place20,000 Gold
4th Place to 10th Place18,000 Gold
11th Place to 40th Place12,000 Gold
41th Place to 70th Place8,000 Gold
71th Place to 100th Place5,000 Gold
Unranked3,000 Gold

For each season, guilds also get rewards based from the activity points they accumulated and their position from the world ranking.

Rank PlacedRewards
1st Place500,000 Gold
2nd Place300,000 Gold
3rd Place200,000 Gold
4th Place to 10th Place180,000 Gold
11th Place to 40th Place120,000 Gold
41th Place to 70th Place80,000 Gold
71th Place to 100th Place50,000 Gold
Unranked30,000 Gold

Odds Adjustments

During the match, every player has a pool odds where it states the probability of types of heroes you can get during the match. These pool odds rates depend on the level of the player. The affected level is at Lv.9, the odds of getting legendary heroes has been reduced to 0.5% and getting Epic heroes has increased by 0.5%,

Here are the new Pool Hero probability for Chess Rush.

2Common:100%Uncommon: 0%Rare: 0%Epic: 0%Legendary: 0%
3Common:60%Uncommon: 35%Rare: 5%Epic: 0%Legendary: 0%
4Common:50%Uncommon: 35%Rare: 15%Epic: 0%Legendary: 0%
5Common: 45%Uncommon: 35%Rare: 20%Epic: 0%Legendary: 0%
6Common:35%Uncommon: 35%Rare: 25%Epic: 5%Legendary: 0%
7Common:32%Uncommon: 32%Rare: 26%Epic: 10%Legendary: 0%
8Common:22%Uncommon: 30%Rare: 25%Epic: 20.5%Legendary: 2.5%
9Common:22%Uncommon: 30%Rare: 25%Epic: 20.5% (+0.5)Legendary: 2.5% (-0.5)
10Common:19%Uncommon: 25%Rare: 25%Epic: 27%Legendary: 4%

Odds adjustments: At character Lv. 9, the odds of getting legendary cards have been reduced by 0.5% and the odds of getting epic cards have been increased by 0.5%.

Nerf Hero (Siren)

Balancing heroes that will give fair advantage and disadvantage to all heroes in the pool makes the matchmaking in Chess Rush protects from abuses. For players who’s been using Siren recently to get a winning streak in every round. This could be bad news for you guys because Siren has been nerfed.

It’s new health was reduced to 15%, the minimum attack damage was reduced to 9.5% and while the maximum attack damage was reduced by 12%. However, the cost of getting this hero has been reduced to only 2 Crystal.

Cost3 Crystal2 Crystal
Minimum Attack Damage200/400/800185/370/740
Maximum Attack Damage250/500/1000220/440/880

Increased the Max Number of Friends

If you make a lot of friends in Chess Rush, this last change is probably for you. The maximum number of friends you can have in the game was increased 4 folds, from 100 to 400.

What do you think of the new update of Chess Rush? Is it worth it? Have you tried the new hero yet? Let us know in the comment section.

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