The Best Classic Games on Your PC via Nintendo Emulators

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The Japanese company Nintendo, perhaps, boasts the most abundant history in the gaming industry. Is it a joke – it was founded in 1889, and began to engage in electronic games in 1978 when there were practically no competitors in this market.

Recently, the Japanese are increasingly succumbing to nostalgia and produce completely amazing products for their fans. A striking example was the Nintendo Classic Mini series of game consoles, which brings back to life the company’s classic consoles in a compact form factor and with a bunch of great games on board.

Ten Classic Nintendo Games That Deliver Joy & Fun

Nowadays, many users around the world have a unique opportunity to enjoy old games via emulators. In this article, we are going to review the best ten games for Super Nintendo that made a great impression on gamers.

Final Fight 3

The continuation of the legendary series. In place of Mad Gear came the gang of Skull Cross, which we have to face. We select one of 4 characters (a veteran of the Haggar series and Guy who has returned, as well as police Lucia and the mysterious Dean), and go to destroy enemies and bosses.

There is plenty of options for players! Throwing on the asphalt, banging his fists on the forehead, treating his feet in a jump, peeling pipe trumpets in a big way – the whole arsenal of street brawlers is evident. The graphics and sound are excellent, too, you can play together (you can play even with a friend). If you like fighting games, it is possible to find more similar old ones by downloading and using snes roms at RomsMania.

The Mask

A game based on the famous movie. The mask has different abilities – it thrashes enemies with a hammer, stuns with a loud siren, soaks it from a super-duper machine gun or turns into a tornado. On the way, Mask has to collect packs of bucks and eliminate the bosses. Do not forget about Milo. Once you find your little dog, you can add Mask energy. Single-player with excellent graphics and music.

The Jungle Book

This game is about the adventures of Mowgli. On Sega, the game looks a little different, so it’s somewhat wrong to consider the games as full analogs. Although in general, the action is similar – Mowgli runs around the jungle, collecting green and red diamonds, throws bananas into monkeys and other animals, crawls along vines. The graphics and music in the game are magnificent, and the game action is lively and exciting. Single-player for all ages.

Super Castlevania IV

The tireless vampire hunter Simon Belmont is on his way again. He has to overcome a gloomy mansion, swamps, mysterious caves and a dangerous waterfall to get into the sinister castle of the enemy of the human race – Count Dracula and defeat him. In Simon’s hands is a fail-safe weapon – a whip, with which the hero can beat in 8 directions and fly over the abyss, clinging to the rings in the wall.

The version of this action turned out to be one of the most atmospheric, beautiful and unusual games of the famous vampire series from Konami.

Street Fighter Alpha 2

A fighting game from Capcom. The game has a lot of difficulty settings (8 levels), speed and time of fights, as well as the number of rounds to win. There are many characters, as many as 18 combat units so that you can choose a suitable fighter for yourself. Graphics and music, of course, feature the highest level, the fighting is also of high quality. Game for 1-2 players. This game is an excellent choice for those who decided to test the snes emulator.

Marvel Super Heroes – War of the Gems

If you are a big of Avengers and can’t leave without favorite heroes, then it is the best time to play this classic game. Capcom developed this game for Nintendo series. A certain Adam Warlock calls on the coolest heroes to save six jewels (personifying time, power, space, reality, mind and soul), which once collapsed to Earth.

Of course, all the characters, as a selection, are invented by Marvel Comics. The game itself is an ordinary killer walker, on which, in general, Capcom specializes. Before each stage, for the selected hero, you can pick up a simple inventory — a single game with excellent graphics and music.

Batman Forever

The latest version of Batman’s adventures on SNES based on the movie of the same name. Very high-quality graphics and music. The choice of equipment for each stage. You are opposed by various opponents and bosses, including the Riddler and Two-faced with associates. Batman (or Robin, or both in 2-player mode) will have a hard time, but there is a good set of punches and tricks.


A cool action with elements of an adventure quest about one cool hero named Kyle. He was armed at the beginning only with a hard drive, and this is quite enough to fight the first and lightest monsters. However, then the enemies will undoubtedly become stronger, and therefore, the weapons will improve. In addition to firearms, the hero uses bombs to explode doors and generators (or enemies), as well as test tubes to replenish energy.

Clock Tower

The only interactive horror game on this console. According to the plot of this game, you play the role of a fifteen-year-old girl Jennifer Simpson – an orphan from the women’s shelter-monastery. You have to perform several rather tricky logical actions to escape from this hell, well, and on occasion take with you one of the surviving girlfriends. Due to the massive amount of cruelty and violence, this game had to be censored in the Europe countries.

The Lost Vikings II

The continuation of the adventures of Vikings, which are continually disappearing somewhere. Now, instead of futuristic pictures, Eric, Baleog, and Olaf find themselves in witching surroundings. Their skills are the same, although the possibilities of their application have increased. It has become more complicated and exciting to play. There are a whole bunch of stages to overcome. This game is an excellent choice for 1-2 players.

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