Samsung S10 Plus Camera won’t Focus, What to Do?

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If you ever experience this problem with your newly bought Samsung S10 plus (S10+), you’re not alone! The rear camera won’t focus on a distant object using the 1 x Zoom, even tapping it many times in different angle and position.

However, the Wide-angle and the near object has no problem focusing, just the distant object from 5 meters to 15 meters away. Using the 1 x Zoom in Photo and Video, and the slow-motion is affected by the issue.

Our advice to users who experience this kind of problem, especially to those who are still in the 7-day replacement warranty. You need to return the phone immediately to get it to replace and to avoid the repair in which may scratch your precious mobile.

There are small numbers of customer complains about this problem in Facebook group and forums, Samsung hasn’t yet announced if this case is isolated or not.

There are three types of the problem why your precious rear camera won’t focus, it’s either the camera lens is not clean, app related issue or it’s a hardware problem.

If you’re lucky and the problem is not about hardware, there are ways to fix this issue.

Clean Camera Lens

Obviously, the first thing that you need to do is to clean the camera lens, make sure it’s free from fingerprints, marks and other moist.

After cleaning, try the camera app if the focus is not working. If not, you can proceed on the next step.

App Issue, Corrupted Cache Files

There is some case that the focus issue is related to corrupted cache files from the mobile phone OS.

You can try clearing the Cache of the Camera app by tap and hold the Camera app. Select Camera Info, then Force Stop and Clear Cache.

Once done, try opening the Camera app again. If the problem still persists, the last sort is to fix it with the Samsung Service Center, it might be a hardware problem.

Hardware Problem

In our case, the focus issue with our Samsung S10+ is related to a hardware problem, a factory defect and requires replacement to fix the issue.

If you still in the Warranty, you can contact the nearest Samsung Service Center to fix the problem for free.

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