How to unlock “Get Stronger with Gear” in Pokemon Masters

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After unlocking the Co-op Mode in Pokemon Masters, there is a certain stage for Brock that is locked, saying “Unlock by completing: Get Stronger with Gear!”. The locked doesn’t mean you need a certain gear to unlock this stage, but you only need to clear the stage of certain trainer in Coop Mode.

Many players are stuck on this problem and has no idea how to unlock it. To help you out, you may checkout the answer to this problem below.

Unlock Get Stronger with Gear

To unlock the Very Hard stage of Brock in Co-op Mode, you only need to clear the Hard stage of Cheren & Hilbert & Hilda Co-op story.

Once you clear that stage up, Brock’s Very Hard stage will be available.

That’s it! Hope this simple guide helps you unlock that stage and loot more items for your Pair Sync.

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