How to Top-up Diamonds for Lumia Saga using CodaShop

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Purchasing a top-up for the game Lumia Saga is also available in CodaShop, one of the popular site for buying game credits in South East Asia. Some players are confused on how to use CodaShop for Lumia Saga because they’re confused on what Account ID to use found in-game Settings and Profile.

You can follow our step by step guide below on how to top-up your Lumia Saga account.

How to Find Player ID and Server Name

Open up Lumia Saga game, then click your game profile icon from the upper left corner of the screen.

Then the 5 digit is your Player ID. In our case, our Player ID is 18746.

Since you already know how to get the Player ID, you must also know how to get your Server ID.

You can get this ID from the main menu screen, the one when you press the Enter button. Just log-off the game and re-open Lumia Saga. The previous Server Name should appear on the menu screen. In our case, our Server Name is SEA-Lumia[5].

Now, you already have the Player ID and Server Name. You’re good to go on topping-up your account for CodaShop.

How to Top-up using CodaShop

Fill up the Player ID and Server Name with your information. Also, select the recharge amount.

Then choose your payment method and fill up with your email address.

Once everything is set. Click the Buy Now button.

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