How to Get to Caustic Caverns in Borderlands 2

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In Borderlands 2, there are two regions that you can unlock after the attack on the Sanctuary during the mission in Bright Lights, Flying City. These two new regions are the Caustic Caverns and Sanctuary Hole. There are lots of players who are confused about getting to these regions. In this post, we will discuss how to get there for you to start your new mission.

However, the Caustic Caverns and Sanctuary Hole is just in the same location. When you teleport to Three Horns Divide, riding a vehicle can easily locate the gate of Sanctuary Hole. Inside, you can use an elevator to go to the underground which leads you to Caustic Caverns.

Before proceeding to Caustic Caverns, you also need to be prepared and well equipped. The enemies you’ll find here are full of bandits and the place is full of acids that may reduce affects your journey.

If you need a step by step guide, you can follow our guide below.

How to Go to Caustic Caverns

By default, the selection for Caustic Caverns and Sanctuary Hole is not yet available in the Teleport. You have to go to these locations first before you can select them on the Teleport.

Find a Teleport portal machine, then select Three Horns – Divide.

After reaching the destination, on the left corner at the Snowbound Crossroads, catch a ride with your favorite vehicle.

When the vehicle is spawned, take the road on the right corner and you’ll find a Gate in the end.

This is the entrance for Sanctuary Hole, enter the place.

Go to the left corner where pointing signage in on the top, just head straight.

Once you’ve reached an elevator where there is a red valve switch.

Just jump off from that elevator floor to the underground and you’ll find an entrance which leads you to the Caustic Caverns.

After proceeding further to that entrance, you’ll find the elevator for the Caustic Caverns.

Access the switch to travel to Caustic Caverns,

That’s it! Hope this guide helps you locate the Caustic Caverns for Borderlands 2.

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