How to Get More Gym Leader Notes in Pokemon Masters

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Each Sync Pair or trainer in Pokemon Masters has a level cap, the first cap is at level 30, material needed for those early level is easy to loot and find, but when reaching higher level at lvl 75, it requires a rare material called Gym Leader Notes which is needed to increase the cap to level 90. It is also only available after reaching Chapter level 10.

This precious item can only be obtain from 3 different method in the game and each method has different drop rate.

Brocks Co-op Hard Mode

You’ll get this item for free after winning the Co-op Hard mode, however the drop rate is very low at only 10%.

Strike Supercourse Training Area

When you enable Supercourse Training Area, this is where you’ll get more Gym Leader Notes. The drop rates is quite high at 50%, but beating the Supercourse is very hard and you’ll need a stronger Pokemon to beat it.

The name of the course is Strike Supercourse: Drake, you need to beat the Very Hard mode.

You’ll also earn about 20,000 Coins from clearing each run in the training supercourse in which you can also use the coins to buy the Gym Leader Notes from exchange.

Exchange Item

The last method is getting it from the exchange, the thing is you need a lot of Coins to purchase it and grinding this coins from a normal game is pretty hard.


Basically, you’ll get the Gym Leader Notes for free but requires a lot of grinding and the difficulties is increasing.

  • Co-op Hard – 10%
  • Supercourse Training – 50%
  • Exchange Item – 100%
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