How to Cook Tuna Salad in Lumia Saga

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One of the requirements for reaching Rank 4 Chef in Lumia Saga mobile is discovering a new recipe called Tuna Salad. When trying to tap the objective, there will be a clue on how to cook this recipe, a pop-up message saying “Cook Sashimi in different ways. New discoveries await!”.

Tuna Salad is an Lv.40 food and has an effect of “Crit + 1%, lasting 5 minutes”, good for dealing more critical damage to the enemies for a short time.

Same on the previous rank objective, you just have to open up the recipe for lv.1 Sashimi and choose other option to cook it.

Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to cook this recipe.

Tuna Salad

First of all, you need the following ingredients:

  • 3 x Sand Bay Tuna

Once you have the 3 Sand Bay Tuna, open up the Cooking and go to Recipe Lv.1 and choose Sashimi.

In the Sashimi recipe, select the following options.

  • Sand Bay Tuna – De-Boning

Start cooking to discover the Tuna Salad.

After discovering the new recipe, Tuna Salad will now be available on the Recipe Lv.3. Only one tap away on cooking the same recipe for next time use.

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