Disorder Closed Beta Begins! Shooter Lovers Must Try This!

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Disorder is a new mobile team shooter independently developed by NetEase Games. Ever since its exposure in this March, the game has received extensive attention from both media and players. It is one of the best shooter games you won’t want to miss in this year! Today, Disorder (English version) launches the closed beta test to allow players to team up to conquer the battlefields in this disordered world of wars. Are you in?

Test area: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand

Start Time: 11:00 August 1, 2019 (GMT+8)

Platform: Android and iOS (TestFlight)

Details of the Test

In Disorder, war has become the norm in the world where armed factions fight against each other for nuclear weapons and economic interests. Battle is probably the only way out.

  • 14 Characters to Choose From – Characters are divided into five types: Detect, Maneuver, Enhance, Support and Steal, based on their functions in the battlefield. Each of these characters has three exclusive abilities, a dedicated gun (primary gun) and a replaceable secondary gun.
  • Multi-Mode Available – In the ULF mode, you are tasked to work with four teammates to occupy the center missile silo. Each decision you make may affect the outcome of the battle. The Base Battle mode provides three maps for you to choose from, and also supports in-game hero switching for a more adrenaline-pumping experience. The Multi-Base Battle mode allows you to engage in a 15V15 battle, where you compete to occupy five bases. Anything can happen on the battleground!
  • Upgrade Weapons and Talents in-game – Gaining EXP and golds by defeating enemies or mercenaries on the island. As to which talent to upgrade and which equipment to reinforce, it’s totally up to you. So choose wisely!
  • Squad Up and Rule the Field – Fight alongside teammates you could rely upon on the battlefield to bring more diversity to the battle. You may go straight to the rocket launch site, or take down the strongholds one by one. Either way, just team up with your friends and conquer the battlefield!
  • Plentiful Test Exclusive Rewards – By completing daily tasks or inviting friends to join, not only can you unlock new heroes to experience, but also get exclusive rewards including a special title for engaging in the closed beta test and a bundle which includes a number of hero vouchers and more. These rewards can be activated in the official version.
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