Cid Sophiar Master Mechanic Side Quest Guide, Final Fantasy XV (FFXV)

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In Final Fantasy XV (FFXV), a mission called Cid Sophiar Master Mechanics is a new side-quest that you can start with Cid in Hammerhead. However, in order to start this side-quest, there is a pre-requisite main-quest that requires you to finish the Ill Tidings which primarily rewards you the Noctic’s Drain Lance when finishing that story.

When taking up the Cid Sophiar Master Mechanics side-quest, the grandfather of Cindy will help you upgrade the Noctic’s Drain Lance if bring him a Metal Scrap.

Missing Noctic’s Drain Lance

If you accidentally sold the Noctic’s Drain Lance and already gone from your inventory. You can reobtain this weapon again from defeating the imperial soldiers. The chances of obtaining this weapon are low, so make sure to be patient and defeat several of soldiers until you get the Noctic’s Drain Lance.

How to Find Metal Scrap for Cid

As you progress in the game, you probably encounter or lotted a Metal Scrap. If you already have this material in your inventory, you can skip this step and proceed to the next one.

If you don’t have Metal Scrap, you can find one by driving to Galdin Quay. Once you reach the area, check the diner on the dock. Look for the Coctura and face front on it, then at the right corner, you’ll notice a sparkling object beside the large plant pot.

Metal Scrap is a common material, and you can get many of this item while exploring the Final Fantasy XV.

Finishing the Quest

Once you have the Noctic’s Drain Lance and Scrap Metal, you’re good to go to complete this quest.

Drive back to Hammerhead, look for Cid and hand over the two materials.

Talk to Cid and give him the lance and the scrap metal. Make sure you don’t have any existing task for Cid, so that you’ll get the Drain Lance II immediately. If you have an existing task, you have to finish those first in order to get the Drain Lance II.


You’ll get the following reward when finishing the Cid Sophiar Master Mechanic Side Quest.

  • 500 EXP
  • Drain Lance II
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