Chess Rush’s New mode about 4V4? What Can We Expect from its Next Update

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Earlier today, Chess Rush teased a picture about a brand-new mode. In the mode select interface, there is a new mode called 4V4. It seems Chess Rush will have a big update soon because apart from 4V4 mode, there are new heroes to be added into Chess Rush family. Players will also face the new challenge since the first season is coming! What else can we expect from its next update?

Chess Rush has a great feature about Co-op mode, where players can form a team with a friend or other online players. It is a fun way to explore the game because it allows the player to share heroes with teammate and deploy more heroes beyond 10-hero limit. Teamwork is important in this 2V2V2V2 mode.

The new 4V4 mode will probably extend the basic setting of Co-op mode. As the name implies, players can form a team with 3 friends or other players and fight against other 4 players. It sounds like a MOBA setting as it requires tactical consideration and closer teamwork, and each player should perform its own function very well. There is a huge possibility that share-hero concept works in this mode but we don’t know how many heroes to use in total.

It leaves us another guess upon victory and defeat mechanism. One possibility is about shared health, meaning one of the four-player has the victory, the whole team wins. It sounds like team mode in battle royal games like PUBG MOBILE. Another possibility is to calculate the total points for two teams. This mechanism is fairer because it requires all 4 members fighting together for the final victory!

Chess Rush is always innovating to bring the best gameplay experience to global players. When launched in early July, the game introduced one of the best features of Turbo mode. Players are not only limited to the classic game, which normally lasts around 40 minutes for one round. The unique Turbo mode offers a quick way to finish off one round in 10+ minutes.

There is no confirmed date regarding 4V4 and new season update. Stay tuned or visit the official Facebook and Twitter page for more details.

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