Chess Rush Squad Clash, a 4v4 Match Auto Battler Game Mode

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Squad Clash 4v4, Tencent’s Chess Rush new mode, has finally arrived in the game. The new addition will allow players to form-up a team of four and will fight with other teams in a head-on match. Chess Rush is known for bringing new content to the auto battler game genre. When the game was released, it featured a brand new co-op mode that allowed two players to play with their friends against other teammates. The new Squad Clash mode will surely give players more room to play with their favorite squadmates.

Players who are looking for team-up gameplay with friends will like 4v4 Squad Clash as it gives an option to play with and challenge another team of players. The 4v4 mode extends the basic settings of a Co-op mode. It fosters cooperation between the team to try and claim victory.

The Squad Clash 4v4 mode allows players to back up their teammates with the surviving reinforcement from the finish match. It creates new opportunities for teammates whose lineups are not yet calibrated. Teammates can create a more strategic lineup that is suitable for the rest of the team.

Squad Team

Teams are divided into two squads, blue and red, with 4 players in each squad. The blue team consists of your own squad, while the red team is for your squad opponents.

Similar to the Classic and Coop modes, Each player will face random enemies from the other side of the squad on every match.

Squad Health

In Squad Clash mode, there is no health for each player. Rather than having the usual 100 health for each player, it has a whopping 500 health that is shared among the total squad of teammates. It provides a larger health cap for the team to sustain damage from the reinforcements coming from the other side of squads and to give enough time for a comeback for the losing team.

In the game interface, the health bar for the squad can be seen as the green bar at the right corner. While the health bar for the enemy squad is the red bar. In the image below, during the match, our health bar is down to 200 after the 19th round.

When each player has used up all their health, there is a new way of tracking the teammates’ performance. Every time a player wins or is defeated on each match, an icon indicator will be displayed on the players’ icon together with the time duration of the match. The icons are: green happy face for winning, and a red sad face for losing.

Hero Reinforcement

Unlike the coop mode where you can put two additional heroes to backup your duo teammates, in Squad Clash mode you can send the two surviving heroes as reinforcement to a teammate whose match is still in progress. The squad team can send up to 3 reinforcements per round. Enemies on the other side can also send their reinforcements from their allies.

The hero reinforcement may be devastating for teammates who does not have enough heroes, making the game more competitive and requires a team effort.

Teammates who send reinforcement to their allies can earn additional Mana Crystals as a reward for winning a match. Losing health will also earn a Mana Crystal.

Combo Extra Skill

Squad Clash mode has the same function with co-op mode’s shared heroes When the reinforcement is deployed on the player board, the additional extra skill will also automatically be activated.

In the example gif clip above, it shows how an extra skill is automatically added right after the two heroes spawned in the board.


When a player continuously gets a winning streak and inflicts the most in total damage, and when their squad team gets a championship, that player will be the MVP for the entire match.

The SVP on the other hand, is for the losing squad team, the player who gets the most total damage for the squad will get the SVP.

You’ll also get a reward when you become the MVP or SVP during the Chess Rush S1. You’ll receive 2 x S1 Kickoff Shard and 2000 x Gold.

Squad Clash now Available in Chess Rush

The Squad Clash mode is now available in Chess Rush. Invite your friends to play with you and explore what this latest auto battler game mode has to offer.

Download Chess Rush today from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

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