Chess Rush Introduces First Season and Two More Heroes

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The new 4V4 mode will be available by next week!

Tencent Games is excited to announce the very first season is available in Chess Rush! The first season is called “The Rush Begins”, where players can receive Chess Soul Rewards via daily log-in and fight from Tier Pawn to Tier King. Chess Rush also confirmed the widely anticipated 4V4 mode will be available on August 15. From 1V1 among 8 players to 2V2V2V2 mode, the coming 4V4 mode will support 2 teams fighting against each other. Team up and build your squad with friends or global players!

Alongside the first seasonal challenge, the update also includes two more heroes – GLUTTONY and STINGER.

Chess Rush reveals a legendary story about STINGER, transforming from elf hunter to Darkin assassin in comics. Stinger investigated a lost relic and accidentally discovered a mysterious rose cloak. She was unconsciously attracted to the cloak and put it on her body. However, the beautiful rose is thorny, and the soul of the cloak erodes the soul of STINGER, and she can’t break it. When she woke up again, she found herself reborn, but no longer as alive as before.

Lastly, the new patch offers new outlooks for the beloved captain and new chessboard.

4 new chessboard coming to Chess Rush!

Download Chess Rush now to meet new heroes and challenge the first season!

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