Auto Chess got 2V2v2V2, Is it Similar to Chess Rush Co-op Mode?

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Tons of games have already joined the Auto Battler umbrella since Drodo’s Auto Chess. The surging popularity of this genre has taken the attention of many developers – from Valve’s Dota Underlords to TeamFight and Tencent’s Chess Rush. Right now, Chess Rush is shaking things up at the auto battler genre scene with its superior features that differentiate itself from the rest, and releasing new content like their Co-op Mode and the all-new Squad Clash Mode.

Chess Rush only came out a month ago, but the game’s number of downloads has already reached 1,000,000 installs according to Google Play Store stats, making it the top auto-battler game in the charts. Tencent’s recent announcement of its upcoming eSports event this year for Chess Rush has also generated a buzz among eSports players and enthusiasts.

With it’s huge popularity, it is not surprising that other Auto Battler games will adopt some of the advanced features of Chess Rush. Just a few weeks ago, Auto Chess announced their upcoming 2V2v2V2 mode that looks really the same as the Chess Rush Co-op mode, specifically the shared heroes where the duo team can pick and share up to 2 heroes for the other team.

Shared Heroes

One notable similarity between Auto Chess’ 2V2v2V2 and Chess Rush’s Co-op mode is the Shared Heroes slot. The functionality works the same on both games and the only difference lies in their execution. The Shared Heroes slot allows the player to share his two best performing heroes with his teammate.

The difference is in how these heroes join the fight and are placed on the board. In Chess Rush, shared heroes appear in the lineup after the preparation round, and the placement of the heroes is random.

While in Auto Chess, they appear directly to the lineup during the preparation round and players are free to place their shared heroes anywhere on their board.


When it comes to the player’s health, it works differently in both games. In Chess Rush, each player has a solo health of 100 which gives the team a total health of 200. While in Auto Chess, the team has a total of 150 health shared with the team players.

This setup comes with its advantages and disadvantages that can affect the outcome of the match depending on the preferences of the player. In Solo Health, the player’s health is not affected if and when his teammate loses health in a match. It also gives a chance to a defeated teammate to still win a match if the other teammate becomes a champion. In Shared Health, however, the players will have to rely on each other as they share the same health.

Extra Skills Bonus

The extra skills bonus is applied the same way on Chess Rush and Auto Chess. When the shared heroes appear in the match, an extra skill gets unlocked and can be used immediately. 

The only difference is in Chess Rush, the extra skill appears right after the preparation while in Auto Chess, it automatically displays in the whole match.

Teammate’s View

Probably one of the advantages of Auto Chess in this mode is the easy navigation for viewing their teammate’s board side by side. To view their teammate’s battle, players can swipe screen to the right, allowing them to make quick strategies.

On the other hand, Chess Rush requires more clicks to view their teammates’ board as players will have to click the teammate player’s icon to view their battle. Let’s hope Chess Rush will apply easy approach on viewing teammates in the future.


Co-op mode has been a permanent feature in Chess Rush and players can play this mode anytime they want. In addition, this mode can also be unlocked when a player reaches a certain level n their account.

But in Auto Chess, the 2V2v2V2 is only available in the Fantasy mode and unlockable when a player reaches lv.5. As of the moment, the mode can only be played on a specific date and depends on the schedule of their fantasy events. Of course, its players are also expecting that this mode will be permanently available and can be played by all at any time.

Player Communication

Playing with a team requires everyone’s cooperation to become a champion. But there are also unfortunate instances where a player won’t or don’t work together with his teammate to win a match for whatever reason. They’re probably just trolling the game, rage quitting, or maybe they’re simply new to it. 

Another frustrating scenario is when a teammate accidentally forgets to share a hero to their teammates. This can be avoided though, through communication with teammates.

Both games have a chat feature that allows its players to communicate with each other. In Chess Rush, players can even use a microphone to communicate with their team. However, mic support is not currently available in Auto Chess.

Reporting Players

If communication isn’t working out, you may report those uncooperative players after the match.

Fortunately, Chess Rush has a feature for reporting these types of players. This feature is very handy when you want to clear the game environment of toxic players. On the contrary, Auto Chess doesn’t have the report player feature in the game yet.

Is It Similar?

So, is Auto Chess 2V2v2V2 a mere copycat of Chess Rush Co-op mode? As we’ve said, Chess Rush came out first a month ago, and now Auto Chess is already bringing the 2V2v2V2 feature into their game. While it’s also possible that Auto Chess had already been working on these features before Chess Rush, the timing is too coincidental, don’t you think? But to be fair, there are also a lot of points where these two game modes are different from each other.

We also have to take note that Tencent is also collaborating with the Drodo Studio in China.

Here’s a round off list of their differences:

Chess Rush (Co-op Mode)

  • Solo Health 
  • 2 Shared Heroes
  • Random positioning of shared Heroes in the board
  • Shared Heroes’ extra skill applies after preparation
  • Click teammate’s icon to view their board
  • Chat and Voice support
  • Report player feature supported

Auto Chess (2V2v2V2)

  • Shared Health
  • 2 Shared Heroes
  • Can reposition shared Heroes in the board
  • Shared Heroes’ extra skill applies instantly
  • Swipe right to view teammates (Side by Side)
  • Chat support
  • No Report player feature

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section!

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