The Hidden Settings of the Google Chrome that Make Your Online Activity Better

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Google Chrome is the most comfortable browser for various online activities. It is considered to be one of the most popular browsers, and many people prefer to install it thanks to the variety of functions, features, and extensions. Developers created an application that has many interesting things. Today, we discuss the hidden settings of the Chrome that you may have missed.

The Hidden Settings of the Google Chrome That You May Have Not Noticed

Before we proceed to the most interesting, it should be mentioned that such settings do not lie on the surface. Enter chrome: // flags in the address bar – a command that will allow you to open hidden Chrome options and work even with experimental browser settings that have not been officially released yet. It is important to emphasize the fact that the experimental parameters may not work correctly, which in turn can cause the program to crash and crash.

The official announcement from Google states: “We do not give any guarantees as to what can happen if you enable one of the presented functions. Your browser may stop working.” So, if you ready to test new settings, get google chrome download full version free and start checking these settings immediately.

Automatic spelling correction

We are all familiar with the situation when, with a quick letter, we accidentally miss the necessary keys, and as a result, we get something unreadable. Chrome developers, realizing the potential benefits of the new add-on, have introduced an experimental auto-correction spelling feature. If you turn it on, the browser will automatically correct the errors in the words, without waiting for you to click on them and select the correct option.

Fast closing tabs and windows

This feature allows you to detach the Chrome JavaScript handler from the graphical user interface, which theoretically can increase the speed of closing tabs. Do not forget that these are experimental parameters, and their inclusion does not guarantee the smooth operation of the browser.

Automatic password saving

By default, any browser at the time of registration or password change from an account offers the user the opportunity to save it with a pop-up notification. A new feature from Chrome goes further and allows you to save the entered account data automatically, without taking the time to confirm.

Smooth scrolling

Love aesthetics in everything? The smooth scrolling feature will add even more fun to browsing the pages of your favorite website, saving you from having to watch the sharp jumps from paragraph to paragraph.

Redesign toolbar extensions

Enable this feature if you want to place the icons of hidden extensions at the top of the Chrome menu.

Large icons on the New Tab page

Google is in the process of finalizing and redesigning a browser’s new tab page. In future updates, the icons will be replaced with larger ones, which will allow more efficient use of screen space. If you want to look behind the scenes of the corporation, enable this option and start using the beta version of the update before anyone else.

Settings in a separate window

Of course, the Google Chrome browser interface is very convenient, and without additional modifications, however, if you wish, you can make some adjustments. By enabling this option, you can force the “Settings” menu to open in a separate window.

Underline headings in the Omnibox drop-down list.

If you want Google Omnibox to display even more search suggestions and fewer URLs as you type, enable this option.


Enables tracking frame rates per second when hardware acceleration is enabled.

Multilingual spell checker

This function involves checking to spell in several user-specified languages.

Resume download

Are you familiar with the situation when a large file crashes unexpectedly in the network and on the last megabytes to the finish line does it stop? Now this problem is far behind.

With the new experimental download option, you can stop worrying about having to download everything again. The boot process will be restored from the point at which it was interrupted.

Download Status in the Notification Center

A convenient addition for people who are forced to work with a large number of downloadable files. This feature displays pop-up notifications from Chrome on your desktop at the time you start a new download and allows you to manage them. The list of commands includes the ability to pause, cancel, and resume the download using the keys provided in the notification.

Password generator

Tired of your previous passwords, or do you want to replace them with more secure ones? Ask Chrome to offer you good password options using the key icon on the registration page of the site.

Disable tabs

An incredibly useful feature for owners of weak PCs, because it allows you to save RAM significantly. If this option is enabled, Google Chrome can only work with one tab at a time. You can still create an infinite number of them, however, switching to a new page, the browser will update the last visited address.

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