NetEase Games’ Super Mecha Champion today launches new 4V4 “Team Deathmatch” mode and character Ivan in-game!

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NetEase Games’ 3rd person battle royale shooter mobile game Super Mecha Champions, got recommendation of App stores and Google Play in multiple regions and stirred up a trend of Mecha battle since it launched for iOS and Android.

Today (July 11th), it is announced that the game will officially launch a more direct and exhilarating 4V4 “Team Deathmatch” mode and a new character Ivan. While our Ace Pilots are warming up in the new Season 1 “Battle Vanguard”, the release of this new mode and character introduces a lot more fun and excitement into the game. Come and experience it right now!

Season 1 “Battle Vanguard” Engage yourself in hot-blooded fights and win massive rewards

Following the official launch of Super Mecha Champions, Season 1 “Battle Vanguard” was also officially launched at the end of June. There are 8 Season Tiers. As long as you participate in various battles and complete the season missions, you will be able to improve your Tier gradually and win corresponding rewards.

In addition to exciting tier challenges, the game has also introduced the Advanced Pass and Premium Pass. Through the use of Battle Passes, pilots will be able to unlock season rewards sooner and unlock weekly elite missions for greater rewards. It’s worth mentioning that the Premium Pass allows you to directly obtain a number of valuable gifts such as “S1 Premium Avatar Frame” and “Battle Vanguard Premium Skateboard”. These premium offers are only available with the Battle Pass, perfect for all pilots who want to make a name for themselves this season!

The higher your Tier at the end of the season, the greater your rewards! Work hard to climb to a higher Tier!

Exhilarating gameplay 4V4 “Team Deathmatch” mode available

In Super Mecha Champions, Ace Pilots are in a Battle Royale gameplay where they must fight enemies in the battlefield and strive to survive until they are the last one or last squad remaining. After some fierce battles, we believe that all pilots will have learned superb combat skills and ways to use their Mecha in Solo, Duo or Squad battle modes! Now, the 4V4 “Team Deathmatch” mode that will give you the chance to show off your superb skills will soon be available! In this mode, you can use your combat skills to hit your enemies – it really hurts!

In the 4V4 “Team Deathmatch” mode, two squads of 4 players will face off against each other in a small-to-medium sized arena. All participating players can freely select and switch their firearms in the base. If they die in battle, they will respawn in the base after a short period and can jump back into the battlefield afterwards. Only 1 Mecha may be used per match. You must wait for the cooldown before calling your Mecha again once it is destroyed.

Ace Pilots, don’t miss out on this thrilling Mecha battle!

Kenjiro Tsuda assumes the role of the handsome and powerful underground fighter Ivan   

Super Mecha Champions has a luxurious lineup of voice actors for pilots, with each pilot having their own characteristics! The character appearance design, character background and unique character voice enable the players to merge seamlessly into the game. In addition to the new gameplay mode, the fourth character of the game, Ivan, will also make his appearance.

Ivan is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda who was also the voice of Mikoto Suoh (K), Chikage Kazama (Hakuouki) and Sadaharu Inui (Prince of Tennis). In the game, Ivan was a champ in underground Mecha fighting. Powerful in appearance, Ivan is the union of forbearance and violence. His exclusive Mecha “Hotsteel” excels at melee attacks and has excellent survivability. He plays a multi-functional role in a squad and is both a tank and a damage dealer. Ivan is now officially available in the store after the update this week. When you purchase the pack for this character, you will get both the character and Mecha appearance. If you want to experience his powerful and fierce charm, now is your chance to get him immediately!

In the Battle Vanguard season, Super Mecha Champions awaits all our Ace Pilots to suit up and get ready to roll!

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