How to Win in Chess Rush, Ultimate Guides and Strategies for Beginners

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Since Tencent’s new game Chess Rush was released, it was downloaded by 1,000,000+ gamers.  It is now available on both IOS and Android devices. The creators of PUBG have recently made their first auto-battler and strategic game, Chess Rush. The game starts with 8 players and in order to win, you will have to defeat the 7 other players. A minimum of ten games will help you become an expert at it.  As Tencent says, “Money cannot buy Victory. Only strategy matters.” We here in Gaming PH will show you through this article helpful tips & guides to easily win and perfect your game in Chess Rush. 

Classic Mode and Turbo Mode

The classic mode is like the original version of an auto battler game. The duration of each match is longer than the turbo mode and could take you about 20 to 50 minutes or more to finish. If you’re a veteran player of this genre and want a real challenge, you will most likely prefer this mode. The starting life of each player is at 100. 

chess rush gameplay screenshot

The Turbo mode, on the other hand, is the quick match version of Classic Mode which you can actually finish in 10 minutes or so. The mode features double EXP and Mana Crystal. It is best for players who are on the go and want a quick match to earn EXP for their profile in the Rank match. The starting life of each player in Turbo mode is at 60.

Both the Classic and Turbo modes are included in the Rank match that will boost your profile EXP whenever you win a match. While profile ranks may not help you win the match, it will allow you to fight pro players.  

Co-op Mode  

Co-op is an exciting mode to play with your friends. But if you are in Co-op mode, make sure that you and your chosen teammate trust each other. Teamwork is the key to winning in this mode. You form a team of two and take on other duos! Share heroes with your teammates. Deploy more heroes beyond the limit and activate more combos!

In Co-op Mode, your teammates can place their 2 best heroes in the co-op pool. These two heroes will allow you and your teammates to send heroes to their own battlefield to help the fight. By default, the game will select the two best heroes from the lineup but it can be manually changed by the players as well. 

Chess Rush Co-op Mode gameplay screenshot

The advantage of playing in Co-op Mode is that even when you lose the fight, you still have a chance to win the match. If any of your teammates becomes a champion, you’ll also become a champion for that match. This adds experience to your profile ranks.

Co-op Mode also allows the players to deploy more players beyond the limit and lets them activate more combos than the Classic or Turbo mode. What’s also good with the Co-op Mode is you can choose to play standalone in a fight, without relying on your teammates for every round.

Mana Crystal 

One of the key resources you need to efficiently use in Chess Rush is the Mana Crystal. It is the primary economic resource in the game and it is best to strategically allocate this scarce resource. There are three ways to use this resource: first is by purchasing heroes to use in the battlefield, second is by re-rolling the list of hero selection, and third is by increasing the character’s experience to level up and increase the hero’s slot.

It gives you a good advantage when you have plenty of Mana Crystals during the game. So, where can you get this crystal and how do you obtain it?

By default, a fixed amount of Mana Crystals is given every round and 10% of the Mana Crystals is given as a bonus. Extra Mana Crystals are also available based on the winning or losing streak. 

Chess Rush mana crystal game play

Here is the round-up of how to get Mana Crystals in Chess Rush.

  • Basic – Fixed amount of Mana Crystals given on every round
  • Interest – 10% of current Mana Crystals is added every round
  • Win – 1 or 2 Mana Crystals will be added if you win the current round
  • Winning Streak – If you got a winning streak, a Mana Crystal will be added
  • Losing Streak – losing streak will also add a Mana Crystal

The best way to get a good amount of Mana Crystals is via Interest. When you accumulate 50 unused Mana Crystals, you’ll be getting 5 extra Mana Crystals (5% of 50 Mana Crystals). However, there is a limit. The maximum interest you’ll get is 5 Mana Crystals. So, make sure you’ll always save Mana Crystals from every round.

A losing player will also have a chance to come back with the help of the additional Mana Crystals they get, depending on the number of losing streaks.

Wildcard Hero, Gurru Jelly

If you’re new in the game, you’ll probably encounter a Gurru Jelly hero. If it is your first time to see one, you would probably think it would be useless in combat. Well, this Gurru Jelly is a wildcard hero and is one of the most important heroes in the game. It allows you to make a copy of your existing hero in the battlefield that you can use to combine and level up your heroes. For example, you have 2 1-star Wukong. You can use Gurru Jelly to make a copy of Wukong and level it up to a 2-star Wukong.

Chess Rush gurru hero gameplay

So, whenever Gurru Jelly is available in the hero selection, buy it so that you can upgrade your heroes immediately. With Gurru’s ability to level-up other heroes, your team will definitely be unstoppable.

To use Gurru, you just need to drag it to the hero that you want to copy.

Hero Combo to Gain Extra Skills

When deploying the same class or type of heroes, an extra skill can be activated in your line-up which can be effective against the enemy. It is important that you decide in the early round which heroes you want to stick with and use for the long run. This will help you gain more combo skill to your lineup.

There are heroes that always show up in the hero selection, picking up these classes of heroes will allow you to complete the lineup combos immediately. Below are the following classes of heroes with their combo skills:

  • Cyborg – Increases random ally/allies’ cyborg’s armor by 75 and health regeneration by 30.
  • Engineer – Increases health regeneration of ally engineers by 45/120.
  • Beast – Increases attack damage of all allies by 10% (can be inherited by pets summoned). Allies have a 40% – 60% chance to summon a pet at the beginning of the battle.
  • Warrior – Increases armor of all ally warriors by 50/100.
  • Rider – Get 150/185 Armor and 60% magic resistance for ally riders.
  • Druid – Level up 2 identical druid heroes

Depending on the heroes you prefer, putting a Cyborg Combo on your lineup will allow your hero to get free armor and health regen. It also depends on the player to max out the combo skill, but make sure you don’t trade off the quality of your lineup. 

Recommended Lineup – the game has a built-in Recommended Lineup that automatically picks the classes of heroes that you want to collect. 

Two Heroes to Level Up (Druid Heroes)

One notable class that has a unique skill are the Druid Heroes. When you activate the Druid extra skill, you no longer need to collect 3 druid heroes to level up. Instead, you only need 2 identical druids to level up the heroes. It is also one of the OP abilities in the game that you can take advantage of.

We also have an extra tip that is applicable to Druid heroes. Let’s say you plan to only use only 1 druid in the battlefield. Did you know that you can activate its skills temporarily by placing any two different druid heroes in the formation even if it exceeds the slot? In this way, you can use the druid skill in the meantime while you’re in the preparation round. 

Great in Numbers (Pet Summon) 

If you’d like your lineup to be great in numbers, there are heroes in Chess Rush that can summon a pet. These pets are a good decoy to reallocate enemies’ attack out from your heroes. It also deals decent damage to the enemies.

Chess rush druid nightowl

Heroes with Pet Summons are the following:

  • Marsh Lord
  • Everbloom
  • Nightowl

Also, make sure to activate the Combo Skill which allows your heroes to summon pets at the start of the round.

Effective Formation of Heroes

Make use of the recommended formation built-in from the game. It will automatically place the core heroes in their best position. However, you can also manually reposition the heroes where you think it works best. 

Below, you can find the best and most effective formations to use in specific conditions.

Snake Formation – Frontier lineup allows you to face enemy heroes one on one. Good for heroes with tanker and support. Remaining heroes like long range and healers are on the back. This formation is good against AOE heroes to spread out formation from the enemies, but not ideal for teleporting enemies.

V Formation – The V formation lets your heroes combat enemies on the center of the battlefield. Putting aside the main core hero on the bottom center. The only disadvantage with this formation is it being weak for teleporting heroes like the Bionic Ninja.

Goat’s Horn – It evenly spreads the heroes on the left and right corner. It avoids AOE attacks and keeps the core hero safe in the corner.

Turtle – Protecting core heroes, this formation puts your hero on the bottom right corner of the battlefield while other heroes are placed in front. 

Fish Scale – This formation spreads out your lineup heroes to avoid AOE attacks from the enemies. If the top enemy players are using AOE heroes, this formation is best suited for that round.

Change formation as needed when you got a losing streak. Your lineup may be effective but the formation is not well placed. Feel free to switch up the lineup formation from time to time and think of a strategy that will work against enemies’ formation.

Always Follow Suggested Equip Item

You might find yourself experimenting with using the items you looted from the neutral monsters and equip it to other heroes. Well, it is very important that you equip the item with the suggested heroes only, as those heroes with compatible equipment will help boost their abilities. But of course, if none of your heroes are available on the equipment suggestion, this is the right time you can experiment on equipping them with the item.

Notable Heroes

There are notable heroes that you can use to dominate the game. Most of these remarkable heroes are actually common and always appear in the hero selection.

  • Bionic Ninja – This hero can teleport to the back of the formation of the enemy. It is a melee hero that is effective in defeating long-range heroes at the back. Bionic Ninja is also powerful when equipped with items.
  • Miss Supersonic and Steel Fist – Its AeO special attack is effective against enemies, especially during the end of the round. Also very useful against a lineup that summons pets.
  • Wukong – Any hero that is near Wukong gets damaged by its special skills. Great to use for wiping out melee enemies.
  • Nightingale – One of the most common heroes in Chess Rush. Fun fact: Did you know that this hero is capable of defeating three heroes?  By simply leveling it up to level three gives your team a good advantage, especially when you have 4 goblins on your side.  If you were to pick between Evergreen and Nightingale, choose Nightingale and place her anywhere at the right side.  This will help the team to succeed. And, do not forget to upgrade it to another star.  
  • Elves – These are also helpful for the team, not only in giving it more strength but also in making any hero stronger because of their abilities. 
  • Icetusk – The tanker heroes. These are good for stunning enemies and inflicting damages.

Legendary Heroes

These heroes are rare and extremely difficult to level up to 3-star or even 2-star. But these Legendary Heroes are as good as 2-star normal heroes and have AoE abilities that can penetrate enemies’ lineup. We also noticed that the game spawns the same legendary heroes on the rest of the round so make sure to collect it and pair it with a Gurru Jelly to easily level up 2 identical Legendary Heroes.

Most effective Legendary Heroes:

  • Terminator – calls fleet to attack a random enemy after 1.5s and 3.s, with each attack dealing 600/900/1200 magic damage to all enemies within 4 grids.
  • Nightmare Blast – fires a nightmare blast at one random enemy. The blast bounces between enemies within 4 grids of the original targets and deals 600/900/1200 magic damage each time for a total of 6/9/12 times. Each bounce also reduces target’s attack speed by 65 for 2.5s.
  • Joey – plants a time bomb nearby that explodes after 3s dealing 1800/2400/3000 physical damage to enemies within 5 grids.

Protecting Long-Ranged Heroes

It is advantageous to protect long-ranged heroes like archers, especially when they are at the bottom left because having no long-ranged ones will lessen your win rate but would quickly end the game for you (because you are always defeated and would be killed slowly). Having a back-up plan and a back-up hero is a sure win for every character.

Play and Have Fun!

Our final and ultimate tips for you is to play the game, have fun, learn and make friends. You’ll definitely learn a lot of techniques as you play the game that will eventually make you a master at it. Plus, you will discover what suits your preferences and you will soon be able to create your own unique strategy on the battlefield. 

Make sure to check back on this post as we are continuously adding more tips on this ultimate guide. 

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