How to Get More Cooling Ice Crystal in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

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In the month of July, its newest July Event Ragnarok Mobile, Loma’s Vacation is finally arrived. Together with that, a new items called Cooling Ice Crystal is also available, in which players can collect this item to exchange it for several important item for leveling up characters.

Players who participated the Event 1, Check-in Mission probably already get this item in the game from the Hot Summer Supply Bag which contains:

  • 20 x Cooling Ice Crystal
  • 5 x Refereshing Summer Drink
  • 1 x Cooking Exchange Voucher

What is Cooling Ice Crystal

Based in its description, It looks smooth and transparent, and it’s cool to the touch. It’s said to have been created by a Wizard in order to escape the heat.

The item inside the Cooling Ice Crystal contains items for leveling up like Gold Medal, Praying Card Pack and more. Unfortunately, there are still limit on purchasing item inside the Cooling Ice Crystal Store.


Gold Medal
8 CIC10

Praying Card Pack
10 CIC 10

Valkyrie’s Gift
8 CIC 10

Peak Shard
10 CIC 9

Oracle Dust
8 CIC 12

Oracle Crystal
12 CIC 12

Mora Coin
5 CIC 12

5 x Eden Coin
1 CIC No Limit
Total (Minus Eden Coin)650 CIC

For Eden Coin, you can buy as many as you want as there is no limit on purchasing the item.

How to Get Cooling Ice Crystal

There are 4 ways on getting more Cooling Ice Crystal.

Check-in Mission

The first is from the Check-in Mission event, where there are total of 6 quest that you need to complete.

At the Prontera Square, look for Baylet and finish the Lomas Vacation quest. Every day you’ll get 1 quest, the reward of completing this quest is a Hot Summer Supply Bag which contains 20 pcs of Cooling Ice Crystal.

Completing the 6 quest will get you a total of 120 Cooling Ice Crystals.

The mission is only valid from July 1 to July 15.

Mission Board Double Rewards

Starting July 14 to July 18. There will be a Mission Board double rewards that also contains Cooling Ice Crystal. For now, we have no idea how many CIC they will give per completion.

Time Rift Rewards

Starting July 11 to July 18, completing the Time Rift will earn you extra Cooling Ice Crystal. There is no confirmed quantity of Cooling Ice Crystal will be given.


The good news is, Cooling Ice Crystal will be available on exchange starting today until July 31, 2019. As of writing the price of each Cooling Ice Crystal is 881 and its in Snapping period.

That’s it! Hope this new event will give you more grinding time and beefing up your character in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

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