Chess Rush – Tencent’s Fast & Fair Auto Battler Game Launches Worldwide

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Earlier this week, Tencent Games, the world leading game publisher, announced the global launch for its latest auto battler game, Chess Rush. This game is now officially available on Google Play and the App Store worldwide. In this 3D turn-based mobile game, players can meet with more than 50 heroes and compete against 7 other players to become the King of the Board!

Auto battler is an increasingly popular game genre. Tencent promises this game will bring a better mobile experience and innovative gameplay to auto battlers. Players will enjoy a stable and smooth gameplay experience, stylish graphics, various types of heroes, and strategy optimizations.

The Auto battler is one of the phenomenon genre this year, following other devs making their own version of the game. In Chess Rush, players will enjoy a stable and smooth gameplay experience, stylish graphics and varius types of heroes and optimizations.

Fast-paced Matches

Don’t have 40 minutes for a game? One issue with many auto battlers is that one round matches last too long. Chess Rush’s innovative Turbo Mode make each match quicker, with each match taking 10 plus minutes. The game process is accelerated as it reduces Health/HP compared to classic mode and doubles EXP and gold output from each round. The speed for leveling up characters and obtaining heroes is upgraded as well.

No more Pay-To-Win

Money cannot buy victory! Chess Rush allows players to acquire variety of heroes while not spending a lot of money.

Strategy is key, but luck also plays a role! Get heroes randomly and strengthen your team by combining 3 of the same heroes to level up, triggering affinity bonuses and equipping them with items. The lineup and strategy will greatly affect the result.

Global Server

Nothing is more exciting than competing in a global server. Supported by social function and multiplayer, Chess Rush allows players to meet with friends and compete with other players around the globe. It also introduces a new system called Co-op Mode, where players can join up with their best friends and create elite formations to obliterate a common enemy.

Download Chess Rush today from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

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