Chess Rush Global Star Challenge to Take Place at 9:00 AM, PST July 27

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As confirmed before, Tencent Games is holding an event to celebrate the global launch of Chess Rush. The event is called Chess Rush Global Star Challenge, which is an invitational tournament featuring eight top influencers around the globe. Selected influencers from USA, Brazil, German, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and Korea will battle for the prizes of $16,000. First place gets $10,000, second gets $5,000, third gets $1000, and everybody gets in-game rewards. On top of that, the top two influencers will get the chance to be a Chess Rush partner on a long-term basis.

Chess Rush fans can watch this tournament on official Facebook and YouTube pages on July 27. Viewers can also support their favorite influencer by watching his live on multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Nimo, Cube, etc. Don’t forget to get in on the action too! The lucky audience have chance to win three phones.

Last week, Chess Rush revealed 8 influencers who will be present at final live. Before heading to the final live, they all have to select the hero they have to use on July 27. A new video posted on Chess Rush’s official Facebook confirmed assigned pieces for each influencer, which will appear on the board they are obliged to use.

  • USA – Disguised Toast – miss supersonic
  • Brazil – Playhard – evergreen
  • Germany – P4wnYhof – Famine
  • Aurum – Russia – voodoo elder
  • Thailand – CGGG – Hog Rider
  • Indonesia – Erpan1140 – Frost Lotus
  • Japan – マックスむらい – bionic ninja
  • Korea – 따효니DDaHyoNi – icetusk

The tournament will consist of two rounds, where audience can enjoy both classic mode and turbo mode in one hour live. Who will be the king of Chess Rush? Stay tuned for the live at 9am. PST July 27!

Chess Rush from Tencent games supports 50 more unique heroes, stunning graphics, and different game modes. Players have to compete against seven other players on an 8×8 board by matching certain heroes with each other and a variety of synergy between classes, their heroes will gain different status effects. The unique Turbo mode which shortens a game to 10+ minutes, compared to the usual 30-40 that a classic game might take. A co-op game mode allows players to team up with friends as well.

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