Chess Rush Comparison to Other Auto Battler like Dota Underlords

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We’ve been covering Chess Rush for a while in our site. In this article, we’re going to discuss how the Chess Rush game is different from other auto-battler games through a detailed comparison below. Read on.

The auto battler is a new game genre born this year, 2019. It was started by a mod for the game Dota 2 and developed by an indie studio, Drodo. It then took a leap when other game developers and publishers made their own auto-battler games like the Valve’s Dota Underlords, and Tencent’s Chess Rush. Tencent also already cooperated with the Drodo Studio in China. Tencent games released Chess Rush overseas and it’s one of the most important projects this year.

The concept of the auto battler game is simple, players fight in an 8-pit round-based match using a draft of team characters. The players’ main role in the game is to build strategy and efficiency. They do not have direct control over the game’s characters. The characters brawl automatically with their opponent when rounds start. When only one player remains in the game, that player becomes the Champion. 

With all of the new games on this auto battler genre, it is likely that one of these titles will become the leading game and the auto battler players have to choose which of these titles fit them. To help you compare the game easily, we sorted out each of the differences below.

For this article, we compare Chess Rush with Dota Underlords.

Visual Interface

Both of the games have a visually appealing design, applying their different own types of art style and 3D Model. However, The Dota 2 Underlords feels a lot darker and is perceived as a serious type of game, while Chess Rush is more of a lively and fun type of game.

Chess Rush also has an in-game Avatar where it acts as the main character for the player during the match that shows for both sides. Players have an option to change their Avatar by purchasing from the in-game store.

Viewing Classes/Alliance skills are similar on both games. The description is slated on the top left corner of the screen for Chess Rush, while it is on the right corner for the Dota Underlords. This allows newbie players to easily view and decide what heroes to use for their lineup.

The main difference with their UI is the main lobby. In Chess Rush, the whole main lobby is a fully 3D environment where you’ll see your main Avatar or the default Doge standing in front of the Chess Board making it more fun to watch while waiting for an opponent. While in Dota Underlords, it is flat with 1 background picture probably because they’re in Beta.

Following are the notable list of items that can only be found on Chess Rush:

  • Match time duration
  • Allow players to showcase country flag
  • Scrolling text for round winners

Voice Chats

Surprisingly, Chess Rush has voice-chat enabled for the match which allows players to talk to each other. The player can also opt to disable Voice Chat for privacy. 

Unfortunately, the Underlords doesn’t have this kind of feature just yet.

Neutral Monsters

The game neutral monsters for both games spawn on the same order, they only differ on the numbers of monsters.


There are 21 Classes of Heroes in Chess Rush. When you deploy the same classes on the battlefield, players will get additional abilities that can help the lineup. Each hero has two different classes. 

In Dota Underlords, it’s called Alliances. They work pretty much the same as the Chess Rush game. 

Items or Equipment

After defeating the neutral enemies on Intermission rounds, players get a chance to loot some rewards. However, Chess Rush and Dota Underlords apply different approaches to the item equipping.

In Chess Rush, it’s up to you to decide on which heroes you’ll assign the looted item you get from the Neutral Monsters. You’ll get the reward by chance by defeating a monster, it doesn’t require you to win the rounds to get the equipment as long as you defeat a single monster for a loot.

In Dota Underlords, the looted reward you get will buff up to all of your line-ups. If players don’t win the rounds, some rewards item will not be available. A few examples of items are below.


Both of the games handle the connectivity issue very well. In the event that players get disconnected in the match, players can reconnect and go back to the game at any time without a problem. Rebooting the game will take about 20 to 50 seconds before they can re-enter the match. Please take note that it also depends on the specification of the player’s mobile devices they are using. 


Earning Gold/Diamond and EXP on both games are somehow identical, but it differs on cost and obviously by its name; Gold for Dota Underlords and Mana Crystal for Chess Rush. 

Earning EXP requires 4 Mana Crystal in Chess Rush, while Dota Underlords requires 5 Gold pieces. Acquiring the Underlords’ 5 Gold pieces gives a lot of difficulty to players as it gets harder for them to accumulate these numbers for their character to level-up and earn extra slots while on the battlefield, making it more RNG for some unlucky players.

2 Stars Hero Level Up

One of the Chess Rush advantage points is there are available skills that enable heroes to level-up with only two heroes. This is by activating the Droid skills that require 2 Droid class of heroes. This gives the players more heroes to come up with a strategic plan on playing the game.

Getting 3-Star Hero

In Chess Rush, players can easily achieve a 3-star hero that makes the game more exciting for everyone. Because of its lesser pool of heroes, getting an extra slot to the battlefield is a lot easier by leveling up characters. This is one of the factors why Chess Rush is a fast-paced match that offers the full game experience with one single match.

While in Dota Underlords, achieving a 3-star hero is hard and requires a lot of luck. Their 122 heroes pool makes it even more impossible for players to get a match and achieve a 3-star hero. 

Match Duration

In Dota Underlords, the time to finish one match ranges from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your position in the game. Sometimes it could even last up to 50 minutes tops.

Chess Rush has a Classic Mode that has a similar game duration with Dota Underlords. But in addition to the Classic Mode, they have the Turbo Mode that lets you finish the match at only 10+ minutes of gameplay.

The Turbo mode option is one of the advantages of Chess Rush. It gives players a choice to play the game in fewer minutes instead of going through 30-50 minutes of matches. 

Coop Mode

Chess Rush Coop Mode is another unique feature of the game that allows players to play with their friends. This option is currently not available in Dota Underlords.

Roundup Comparison

If you like a simpler and faster tactical game, Chess Rush is the answer. 

Chess RushDota Underlords
Excellent Visual InterfaceExcellent Visual Interface
Voice ChatNo Voice Chat
21 Classes Heroes23 Alliance
Per Hero EquipAll Lineup Equip
Reconnect Disconnected GameReconnect Disconnected Game
4 Mana Crystal EXP Level up5 Gold EXP Level up
Heroes with 2-Star Level upNo Heroes with 2-Star Level Up
55 Pool Heroes122 Pool Heroes
Classic Mode, Turbo ModeClassic Mode

Download Chess Rush today from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

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