Chess Rush Co-op Mode and Gameloop Emulator to Play in PC

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Chess Rush is the new auto-battler game from Tencent. It features several modes and one of those is the Co-op Mode that allows you to play with your friends to defeat enemies in a rank game. Since Chess Rush is produced by Tencent, the game is pre-packaged with its emulator, also known as Gameloop, or previously called Tencent Gaming Buddy. A super lightweight emulator powered with their Turbo AOW Engine that is dedicated for highly graphic games, it gives you a similar gaming performance and experience to running it from a high-end smartphone.

Co-op Mode

In Chess Rush, you can form a team with your friends or other online players to play. The Co-op Mode is a fun way to explore the game because it allows you to share your heroes with your teammates, lets you deploy more heroes beyond the 10-heroes limit, and supports the lineup to activate more combos. The Co-op Mode also gives a chance for the losing teammate to win the match when any of his other teammate becomes the champion.

Playing Chess Rush’s Co-op Mode with a friend gives a higher chance of winning the game, as you can play strategically before the start of the match. You can plan carefully which Combo skills you are going to max out and which heroes you will share for both of your lineups. 

If you are to play Co-op mode with other random players, it can be more challenging as you need to communicate with them to play effectively. Chess Rush has voice and chat features that allow you to exchange messages with your teammates.

How to Play Co-op Mode

To play Co-op Mode with a friend, you need to add them first in the game and invite them for the match. Then, at the Mode Select, Go to Rank > then Co-op Mode. Press the Play button to start matchmaking.

To play with other random online players, simply go to Co-op Mode and Play the game. It will automatically pair you with other players when the game starts.

Once the match starts, you’ll notice a Blue circle on the left corner of the battlefield. Drag the heroes that you’d like to share with your teammates to the blue circle. You can share up to 2 heroes. The formation of these shared heroes is in random order, so you should ensure that the current formation fits to your preferences.

Make sure that the heroes shared with your teammates matches the Combo skill or Synergy of your lineup to max out the required heroes for that skill. In some cases, the heroes that your teammate shared might be a duplicate of your lineup. When this happens, you can communicate with your teammates to change the heroes or ask for heroes that are already on his/her lineup.

Managing Teammates

To check your teammate’s lineup, browse down through the list of team on the right corner of the screen. Teams are arranged in numerical order.  Below is how you’ll know your teammates from the list. 

What do you do when your teammates are unable to share their heroes? When playing with other players, there can be instances wherein some of them might be new to the Co-op mode and didn’t know how to share a hero yet. What you can do is to communicate with them using the Voice-Over via Microphone. Just select Teammate for him/her to hear your voice. You may also post a shout-out in the match via Chat message at Room option to let him/her know that he/she needs to share a hero. Keep in mind that you may also report players who are not cooperating with the match if you wish to.

Play Chess Rush in PC

Did you know that you can actually play Chess Rush in PC? Tencent has released a dedicated emulator for you to be able to do just that and the cool thing about it is they pre-packaged Chess Rush with it. The new emulator is called Gameloop, which is based from the Tencent Gaming Buddy. It has the AOW framework designed to boost game performance in all games just like playing Android games on high-end smartphones. The emulator is also lightweight at only 10mb compared to other emulators that come with a lot of bloatware.

It doesn’t need Google Play to download Android games. It has a built-in Game Center which allows you to install your handpicked games from Tencent with easy, one-click installation. 

Unfortunately, Gameloop is not available in MacOS. It is only available in Windows.

How to Play and Download Gameloop

If you already have the Tencent Gaming Buddy on your PC, you need to uninstall it before installing Gameloop. This is to avoid overlapping the existing installation of Tencent Gaming Buddy since they are basically the same app.

First, you need to download the Gameloop client. You can download the client by downloading it at

Once downloaded, press the Install button and it will install Gameloop together with the pre-packaged game, the Chess Rush.

After installation, start the Gameloop app then browse to My Games. At this point, you will now able to play Chess Rush on your new emulator.

The game will launch and you can adjust the app’s display to full-screen for a more immersive experience.


Gameloop has the following features that can only be found on this emulator.

  • No other bloatware
  • Built-in Game Recorder
  • FPS Counter
  • Optimize Game Engine for Graphically-Demanding Games
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Rendering Option (OpenGL, DirectX, OpenGL+, DirectX+, Smart Mode)
  • Quick Snapshot
  • Multi-window for multiple gameplay

That’s it! Hope this simple guide helped you better understand the Co-op Mode in Chess Rush and how to play the game on PC using the Gameloop Emulator.

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