What is Ollie’s Treasure GiftBox (Magic Snake, Pale Lord, Pale Wolf and Gargoyle Card) in Ragnarok Mobile

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Today, the most awaited Ollie’s Treasure Giftbox is now available in the Big Cat Coin Shop. The availability of this giftbox is for a limited time only, it will last until July 1, 2019. It cost around 30 BCC for a single Ollie’s Treasure Giftbox.

It contains the following item:

  • 15 to 35 Gram Dust
  • And any of the following:
    • Card Album Remains
    • Exquisite Card Album Remains (When use, contains random cards)
    • Gorgeous Card Album (When use, contains random cards)
    • Ancient Magic Card Album (When use, contains random cards)

Aside from that, you’ll also get a chance to get an Exclusive Oracle Card. It contains the following card:

Magic Snake Card

ItemDescriptionUnlock/Deposit Reward

Magic Snake Card
Item Type: Accessory Card

Int + 1
MPen. +2%
Deposit Reward: Atk + 8
Unlock Reward: Max HP + 60

Pale Lord Card
Item Type: Sword

Auto Attack Damage + 10%
With Pale Lord Card and Bloody Knight Card equipped: Auto Attack Damage +5%, +3% chance to cast Meteor Storm when using Auto Attack
Deposit Reward: Normal Attack Damage reduced by 1%
Unlock Reward: Skill Damage Deduction 1%

Pale Wolf Card
Item Type: Accessory Card

STR + 1
Pen. + 2%
Deposit Reward: M.Atk + 8
Unlock Reward: Max HP + 60

Gargoyle Card
Item Type: Headwear Card

Ignore 3% Def
MDef + 30
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 36
Unlock Reward: Max HP + 30

Holy Crystal – Elements Card
Item Type: Shield

Fire, Water, Earth and Wind Dmg Taken -10%

With [Holy Crystal – Arcane Card], [Holy Crystal – Element Card] and [Holy Crystal – Haste Card] equipped: -10% Poison, Holy, Dark, Ghost, Neutral, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind damage taken. +2% Move Spd
Deposit Reward: Max HP +112
Unlock Reward: None

Do you feel lucky today? Are you going to draw some Gacha? Let us know in the comment!

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