Warlock’s Treasure, July Gachapon Headwear in Ragnarok Mobile

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Ragnarok M Eternal love just posted a sneak peek with their upcoming Gachapon Headwear for the month of July. The new set is called Ragnarok M Warlock’s Treasure: Flame Devil, which features gears in gold.

Below are the announcement sneak peek from Ragnarok M: Eternal Love facebook page.

Flame kisses the lava, the bright light shines as the heat blowing, there is a red flower wither along with the wind. There are barely any living being passing through, nothing but the non- stop heat and time flying.
“This is the three thousand seven hundred times of me seeing flame flower withered.” Firelord Kaho humbled.

But a little girl replies, “Don’t worry, it will bloom again in the ashes.”
Massive Flame booms up through Kaho, like he was going to execute someone. However, that little girl did not back up a single step.

Stats of Warlock’s Treasure: Flame Devil

Surprisingly, these new set are never been released from the China version and we’re not able to get any information from ro.xd.com/moniqi.

But a Ragnarok Fan, Mckaz was able to grab some details of the new sets, and below are the details. Credits to McKaz and Ecrunale/Jessajoy for the English translation.

ItemDescriptionDeposit/Unlock Rewards

Dizzy Flaming Ear

Monthly Premium
Item Type: Face

Max HP + 150
Atk + 10
Deposit Rewards: Max HP + 30
Unlock Rewards: None

Dancing Flame

Rate: 5.00%
Item Type: Face

Magin Pen. +5%
Fire Prop. Atk +5%
When attacking, 10% chance of Burn effect on target, last for 3 seconds.
Deposit Rewards: Atk + 1%, M.Atk + 1%
Unlock Rewards: None


Bright Light

Rate: 6.00%
Item Type: Back

M.Atk + 5%
ASPD + 5%
If refined +6, M.Atk + 5%, ASPD + 5%
Deposit Rewards: MaxHP + 120
Unlock Rewards: None


Fire Lord’s Emblem [1]

Rate: 7.00%
Item Type: Head

Int +2
Fire Prop. Attack +5%
If INT reaches 200, INT + 2, Fire Prop. Attack +5%
Deposit Rewards: MaxHP + 60, MDef + 4
Unlock Rewards: None


Fire Deviruchi Tail

Rate: 23.00%
Item Type: Tail

All Stat + 2
Atk + 20
Deposit Rewards: MaxHP + 60, MDef + 4
Unlock Rewards: None


Flame Explorer

Rate: 28.00%
Item Type: Head

MaxHP + 200
Fire Damage Received – 3%
Deposit Rewards: Atk + 4, M.Atk +4
Unlock Rewards: None


Song of Flame

Rate: 31.00%
Item Type: Mouth

All Stat + 1
Resistance to Silence + 5%
Deposit Rewards: MaxHP + 60, Def + 4
Unlock Rewards: None


Here are the graphical tables for the new Premium Headware from Ragnarok M Eternal Love fb page.

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