Ragnarok Masters is now in Japan, How to Download

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Good news to all Ragna fans in Japan, GungHo Online Entertainment finally released the Japanese version of the game last June 4, 2019. The game has its own dedicated server for the region which is separate from Global, and SEA version. Different from the original Eternal Love title used in other region, this new game version is called Ragnarok Masters.

And, unlike Eternal Love that was publish and manage by XD Global, Ragnarok Masters is managed by GungHo Online Entertainment, one of the popular mobile game publisher in Japan. The game is also set in 60fps, so expect a very smooth gameplay.

You can now download the game from the Google Play. The game is exclusively available to Japan region only. But if you’re really eager to play the game, read further, as we have a step-by step guide on how you can download even you’re not in the region.

How to Download Ragnarok Masters

You can use a VPN to download the game, we recommend using ProtonVPN which is free and includes Japan on its list of free connections.

Download the VPN and install. Connect to Japan and open up Google Play.

Search the Ragnarok Masters. The name of the app is ラグナロク マスターズ.

You can then install the game to your phone.

For iOS, you can download it on App Store.

Cannot Play the Game if Outside Japan

Unfortunately, the game itself is region locked. If you’re outside Japan, you cannot play the game without connecting to a VPN. Once you try to connect, a message pops up, “Connection outside japan is not permitted.”.

This means, a VPN is a must if you want to play the game.

Update: If you already login to the game, using VPN no longer need after your next login. (Just don’t logout your account)

For Newbie

We have plenty of helpful guides on our site, just go to our Ragnarok M Eternal Love and you’ll find everything you need to master the game in no time.

Screenshots from the Game

Obviously, everything will be in Japanese, and there is no language settings to change it to English. Here are screenshots from the game update page.

By the way, you need to accept the Terms of Service.

It is quite remarkable that there are 5 ways to login to the game. You can use Line, Twitter, Google, Facebook or a Guest Account.

Anime vibes on selecting your classes.

Claiming our username in Ragnarok Masters.

The game also asks for your preferred setting, Low or HD quality.

The game felt smooth as 60fps is unlocked.

There are lot’s of new NPCs in the game. You should try it!

Fortunately, they’ve got the latest build of the game in the Japan version.

That pretty much sums it up guys! Hope you find this post helpful.

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  • Steve June 6, 2019 8:24 am

    inorder to play this game you need to Use Japan VPN to Login your Gmail,facebook etc… then after that you can disconnect the VPN and play the game. you will only use VPN when your going to change Account.

  • sean June 6, 2019 4:30 pm

    is there a free VPN huhuh

  • nn June 22, 2019 2:32 am

    can we change into english language in game ?

  • Kotoko32 March 13, 2020 4:04 am

    I don’t understand why you guys want to play this? It is Ro mobile Eternal Love, yes it is better version in terms of fps rating, better developers and etc. etc. but It is written on a language which Japanese people and people who are well educated in that language will benefit. Plus it is a exclusive server for Japanese. There’s a global server or for us the SEA server, I know the developers sucks, but still though we can feel at home with it, no language barriers. Why need to succumb to this server if we do have our own? It’s just my humble question and a little opinion. I respect you guys and I don’t intend to hurt someone’s feelings.


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