Ragnarok Lost Temple, June Limited Headwear Gachapon

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For the month of June a new limited headwear gachapon is added in the Fantasy Generator I, they named it as Ragnarok Lost Temple. It is a set of headwear items inspired from ancient dragons and bard, “Bright the Bard created the greatest epic on the Midgarth continent – The Poem of Bright.”.

There are six new headwear included on the Ragnarok Lost Temple gachapon. Below, are list of the items:

ItemDescriptionDeposit/Unlock Rewards

Ned Hoge’s Poison Fang [1]

Draw Rate: 5%
Item Type: Headwear

Kill Monster JOB EXP + 5%, Damage to normal monsters except MVP and Mini Monsters + 10%
Deposit Reward: Atk + 1%, M.Atk + 1%
Unlock Reward: None


Shield of Valhalla

Draw Rate: 6%
Item Type: Face

Max HP + 8%
Stun Resistance + 10%
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 120
Unlock Reward: None


Sound of Eternal Dusk

Draw Rate: 7%
Item Type: Back

When the wearer receives damage, all allies in a 5 meter radius (including self, max of 6) gain +5 to all attributes and +15% Move Spd for 10 seconds (party member can only receive this effect once every 15 seconds)
Deposit Reward: Atk + 6, M.Atk + 6
Unlock Reward: None


Young Dragon Chikor

Draw Rate: 23%
Item Type: Tail

Max HP + 100
Damage reduction of Demi-Human race + 2%
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 60, M.Def + 4
Unlock Reward: None


Mimir Key

Draw Rate: 28%
Item Type: Mouth

Max HP + 200
Healing + 2%
Deposit Reward: Atk + 4, M.Atk + 4
Unlock Reward: None


Wicked God Helmet [1]

Draw Rate: 31%
Item Type: Headwear

All Attributes + 1
Fire Dmg + 3%
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 60, Def + 4
Unlock Reward: None


As always, we’ve tried drawing some BCC to the gacha, and luckily we got this cute Young Dragon Chikor.

How many BCC are you going to burn today? Let us know in the comment section!

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