Mobile Game Fortress Go Pre-Registration starts in June 14

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Authorized by South Korea’s 433CCR, casual e-sports mobile game “Fortress Go” developed and released by Wanda Cinemas Games will appear in Southeast Asia this summer. Here we officially announced today: pre-register will be opened on June 14.

“Fortress Go” mobile game is the formal sequel to the Korean PC game “Fortress” released in 1998. In the past, “Fortress” pioneered the game of cartoon tank battles, using parabola, wind calculations and skill differences to create a funny world with fair, and highly replayable battles, and won a series of awards such as “Republic of Korea Game Awards.”

The mobile version fully inherits the classic gameplay of the game, and it also innovates and evolves on the mobile platform. It increases the original 8 characters to more than 20, speeds up the game, adds the Bonus system, ranked system and sanguinary mode, which are new for players.


The rewards presented in this pre-registration are as follows:

1. Earth skin: Cowboy (3 days) – There are more than 20 tanks available in the game, and each tank has several cute skins. So don’t worry, you can choose your unique skin during the battle!

2. Skin fragment x 3 – Skin fragments can be used to synthesize your favorite skin, which is more free than simply present skin to others!

3. Gold x 500 – Gold can be used to upgrade tanks and for a variety of purposes. Choose what to upgrade and decide your game style!

4. Epic box x 1 – There may be very rare items in it, try your luck!

In order to keep ahead in the game, remember to press the button to win extra rewards for yourself↓↓↓

More up-to-date information will be released on their official Facebook fan page. If you are interested in the game, follow them!

And here is a little surprise for you. In order to celebrate pre-registration, They’ll host activities in their FB fan page, even have the chance to win a cash prize! Don’t you want to try?

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