Legend Fantasy MMORPG, Soft Launches Today on Android and iOS

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Singapore, 11 Jun 2019¬†‚Äď Action MMORPG,¬†Legend Fantasy, today announced its¬†soft launch¬†on¬†Android and iOS¬†in¬†Malaysia,¬†Philippines, Singapore¬†and¬†Thailand. This follows a¬†well-received global closed beta¬†where players from¬†over 40 countries¬†joined forces to defend the Cloud Continent. The soft launch features fantastic giveaways and exciting events from¬†11 Jun to 8 Jul 2019!

Three Major Classes with Unlimited Potential

Choose your destiny and engage in glorious battles! Select from 3 unique classes – Knight, Mage & Enchanter, and unlock their distinct skills and abilities. Power up with an extensive array of equipment, weapons, pets, mounts, cards and skills. The possibilities are endless as you unlock your unlimited potential.

Numerous Game Modes

Formidable PVE dungeons and intense PVP battlefields are waiting to be conquered. Whether you’re a solo or co-op player, venture into untamed monster-filled dungeons to discover its treasures. Enter the adrenaline-rushing PVP arena and showdown against other players in real-time 3v3 and 10v10 game modes.

Intuitive Auto Pathing System

Utilize the one-touch auto pathing system to progress swiftly through quests and your daily grind. This intuitive function trains your character while you’re away, allowing you the flexibility to focus your free time on the strategic game modes.

Here are the events you shouldn’t miss out on:

  • Soft Launch Celebration Boost – 2x EXP and Silver Coin boost from 11 Jun to 17 Jun.
  • Level Up Rush Event – Special rewards for the first few players to reach level 22 to 31 between 11 Jun to 17 Jun. Rewards include Silver Coins, Card Packs, Consumables and many more.
  • Power Rush Event – Special rewards for the first few players to reach 50,000 to 150,000 Power from 11 Jun to 17 Jun. Rewards include Jewel Bags, Card Packs, Consumables and many more.
  • Daily Activity Reward Bonus – Get more rewards when you complete Daily Activities from 11 Jun to 17 Jun. These rewards include Silver Coins, Gold Coins, Jewel Bags and Consumables.
  • Server Opening Celebration (Part 1) – Receive 2x Dungeon and Treasure Map Quest rewards from 18 Jun to 24 Jun.
  • Server Opening Celebration (Part 2) – Receive 2x rewards for defeating Lord of Wilds, and 2x Contribution for Guild Donations from 25 Jun to 1 Jul.
  • Server Opening Celebration (Part 3) – Receive 2x Badges from Arena, Honor from Battlefield, and Token of Justice from Random Zone from 2 Jul to 8 Jul.
  • Daily Gem Bonus – Purchase 300 Gems every day from 11 Jun to 17 Jun and receive a Rare Mount! Every daily purchase also come with a free gift during the event period.
  • Lord of Gems Event – Purchase Gems from 11 Jun to 17 Jun and be rewarded! Rewards include Holy Hawk (Ultra Rare Pet) and an abundance of Consumables.
  • Gem Rush Event – Use as many Gems as you can from 11 Jun to 25 Jun and receive exclusive rewards. These rewards include Ultra Rare Mount Souls, Card Packs and Consumables.

Use the promo code ‘DS6EDS6E9B88‘ to receive 100 Gems for free! This promo code is given exclusively to media partners of Legend Fantasy for their support.

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