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There’s a new exchange shop opens for the month of June in Ragnarok Mobile, that is the Piglet Thanksgiving Shop which can be access from Piglet Badge. The shop contains a limited time card item Great Dreamer Card, and other important item like Praying Card Pack, Colorful Shell, Gold Medal and more.

Below, you’ll find all of the item sold on this shop using Piglet Badge.

ItemLimit Cost

Great Dreamer Card
1400 PB

Seed of Mastela
3100 PB

Adventure Meatball
995 PB

Praying Card Pack

Colorful Shell
995 PB

Lv.7 Talent Fruit
5100 PB

Gold Medal
1060 PB

You need a total of 3,390 Piglet Badge to purchase all of the item in the shop.

What is Great Dreamer Card

The most interesting item among the list is this Great Dreamer Card. Here are the stats of this card.

ItemDescriptionDeposit / Unlock Rewards

Great Dreamer Card
Item Type: Garments Card

Dex + 1
Str + 1
Atk + 5
Deposit Reward: M.Atk + 3
Unlock Reward: Max HP + 30

How to Get More Piglet Badge

There are lots of ways to get Piglet Badge from the June event.

Ollie’s Lucky Giftbox

One of the example that is currently available is from getting it from Ollie’s Lucky Giftbox by completing the Growing Pains event.


You could also purchase Piglet Badge from the exchange, as of writing, it cost around 811 zeny but currently in snapping period.

Mission Board

The other event that you can get more is from Mission Board, it will start on June 6, by completing the mission board, you’ll get a Piglet Badge or Magical Zongzi after completing the 10 mission board quests.

Invasion of Sticky Rice Puppet

The same date on June 6, you could also get by participating the daily event Invasion of Sticky Rice Puppets that will end on June 12. You’ll get Piglet Badge by killing the Sticky Rice Puppets.

Savage Babe Family

Then by visiting Savage Babe Family starting June 20 to June 24. You’ll only need to find the Savage Babe Family at Payon to claim your Piglet Badge.

BCC Shop

The last one is on the Big Cat Coin Shop, by purchasing the Ollie’s Thanksgiving Giftbox which contains 10 x Piglet Badge per item. It cost around 15 BCC.

That’s for today! If you have more tips on how to get more, don’t forget to leave a comment down below.

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