How to Change Main Avatar (Captain) in Saint Seiya Awakening

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Are you curious how it comes that the other players in the Saint Seiya Awakening game uses different character aside from Seiya? Especially when going to Townlet village where most of them uses Gold Saints as their main avatar. Changing your main avatar or the game called as Captain is actually easy, but for some reasons it is difficult to discover this functionality because it is not in the game settings and not included on the early tutorial of the game.

Using different avatar in the game will allow you to showcase your most unique Gold saints from the rest of the players and displaying it as well on your main screen.

Changing Avatar Character

To Change the avatar, all you need to do is to Hold and Press Seiya character on the main screen of the game.

A loading bar will then appear and it will then show “Replace Captain” button where you can select all of the Saints you acquired in the game instead of Seiya.

Pressing Confirm button will change the main avatar captain of your game. Below, we’ve manage to change it to Gold Saints Aiolos.

That’s it for now!

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