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It takes a couple of days and fighting to PVP arena in order for you to figure out what’s the best line up you could use to defeat your enemies, either from single player campaign or versus players.

Saint Seiya Awakening comes with tons of character that has different abilities that players can play around. The most obvious strong characters are the S and SS Gold Saints that usually has ultimate skill that can one hit enemies. However, there are some low level B or A characters are actually useful that sometimes players neglected, most of these low level character has a level 1 Max skill that is unique to others, these unique skills can be use for defense, attack and increasing energy which is helpful for the line up.

Starter Line up (Newbie)

If you’re new to the game, for you to advance to higher level using the story campaign, you need a useful line up that are usually easy to get in the beginning of the game.

SaintsSpecial Skill

AOE wipeout, the skill Unicorn Gallop can make wipe out connection against enemies with very low HP. Good for creating strategy to make multiple attacks.

Dragon Shiryu
Good for Taunting and hitting all of the enemies using the Rising Dragon Punch. Excellent pair with Seiya for extra damage using Physical attack (0 Energy).

Pegasus Seiya
Pair with Shiryu to use extra attack if using Physical Attack. The skill Pegasus Meteor Fist is good for eliminating enemies.

Healer for your allies.
Any Gold SaintsYour first 20 summon will allow you to obtain Gold Saints. You can use it here for extra damage and leveling it up early as you progress.

Must Have Character

When you reach level 18, you’ll able to use the additional slot 6 from your line up and this is the time you can put the must have character from your line up.

Kiki (B Level)

For giving your line up an extra energy for every start of the round, Kiki is the only saints that can provide this, his unique skill Psychokinesis, requires zero energy to use and transfers 2 extra energy in the current or next round.

To make Psychokinesis skill effect on the current round, you need to awaken the character, in order to unlock the A Flash of Wit, which will increases the chances of adding the energy on the current round. Here are the level unlock:

Flash of Wit

  • Level 1 – 40% chance to directly generate 2 Energy
  • Level 2 – 50% chance to directly generate 2 Energy
  • Level 3 – 70% chance to directly generate 2 Energy
  • Level 4 – 90% chance to directly generate 2 Energy
  • Level 5 – 100% chance to directly generate 2 Energy

Leveling up the Flash of Wit requires 20 Kiki.

Defense Line Up

These line up is good for defense with a mixed of 2 saints defense supports for healing and decreasing the damage receives from enemies. Don’t forget Kiki for the Defense Line up. You can use any S Gold Saints or Level A Saints on Optional, Saints you currently have.

SaintsSpecial Skill

Using its extra 2 energy Kiki will be helpful to any high damage saints like Aiolos (optional) ultimate skill which requires 4 stars.

Bind all of your allies with its vines to spread damage taken all allies, making the damage lesser which Marin can able to AoE heal.

Since the damage is lesser from June, Marin can mostly full the health of each allies.

Milo (Optional)
Milo’s skill that doesn’t require energy, very useful on eliminating enemies on the next rounds.

Aldebaran (Optional)
Good for long rounds, when star limit reaches 8. Its ultimate skill 2 energy can make huge damage to the enemy.

Aiolos (Optional)
Aiolos 4 Energy skill can wipe out single enemy per round. Use it wisely with Kiki.

Chameleon June (A Level)

Saint June has unique skill called Vines Growth, its specialty will allow her to bind all of her allied units as one. In effect, the 80% of damage received by any Saints will be spread to all Saints including the one who has been attack. It means for example you have 6 characters alive, when the enemy give a 3000 damage to one of your character, 80% of the 3000 damage will be divided to 6, which will spread the damage to all of your alive character, they’ll receive a 400 damage each.

However, the Vines Growth skill cannot be level up or upgraded, its maximum level is 1. June is an ultimate combination with Eagle Marin for healing.

  • Vines Growth (1 Energy) – Vines pull all allied units. 80% of damage received by any Saint during the period will be spread to all Saint (including the one attacked) equally (lasts for one action round of Chameleon June). (Multiple vine effects cannot stack)
  • Chameleon Breath (Passive) – When your side is pulled, damage receive decreases by 10%

Eagle Marin (A Level)

Since we already have Chameleon June that will decrease the damage received from the enemy. Eagle Marin will be very useful as the small damage is enough to heal her allied unit, the skill Eagle God’s Technique will allow here to recovers HP to all allied unit equal to 120% of her physical attack.

  • Eagle God’s Technique (1 Energy) – Recovers HP equal to (120% to 140%) of Cosmo attack (+healing) for all allied units
  • Mysterious Mask (Passive) – When using skills, 80% chance to recover 30% (+healing) HP

Pair with 3 Gold Saints or any Level A Saints

Since you already have the supports, you also need 3 saints that will give a huge damage to the enemies. There are lots of good Gold Saints for these and Level A saints. The 3 additional unit will be depending on the Saints you obtains from the summon. Below are just examples and the current Saints we’re using, feel free to use any Saints that you currently have.

Scorpio Milo (S Gold Saints)

Milo is the most energy efficient gold saints that doesn’t requires energy to use its skill. It also has a skill that is good for damage, the Scarlet Cyclone in which can be use to charge and use it to attack on the next round. Following are the skills of Milo.

  • Scarlet Cyclone (0 Energy) – The next basic attack has a (70% to 87%) chance to trigger continous additional attacks of Scarlet Needle (up to 3 attacks)
  • Restriction (Passive) – Scorpio Milo’s restraining skill. Allows Scarlet Needle to decrease the enemy’s defense by 2% (cannot decrease beyond 50%). Cannot be purified.
  • Scarlet Needle Antares (Passive) – The second Scarlet Needle cast on the same target will aim at Antares, dealing an additional )50% to 100%) damage. The third Scarlet Needle cast on the same target deals an additional (390% to 450%) physical damage. (When in the multi-player mode, Scarlet Needs of multiple Scorpio Milos are counted seperately)

Taurus Aldebaran (S Gold Saints)

Can be use to give huge damage to targeted enemies, using its skill Giant Horn that uses 2 energy. However, the skill can only be use on the next round. Below are his skills:

  • Giant Horn (2 Energy) – Marks 1 enemy, charges up to for 1 action round before dealing (410% to 450%) physical damage to 1 enemy while also granting an attack buff equal to 90% of max HP (Charge up is cancelled if hit 4 times by non-summoned units)
  • Huge Collision (2 Energy) – Deals 280% physical damage to 1 enemy and increases 50% defense and Cosmo energy defense for 3 rounds.
  • Iaido Defense (Passive) – Gains 5% damage reduction and becomes immune to all control effects (except restrict and exile) while charging up.

Sagittarius Aiolos (S Gold Saints)

This saints has a skill called Golden Arrows that can take down enemy with a single shot, especially if with the same level. However, it uses 4 energy. You can use Kiki’s extra 2 energy to allow Aiolos use its skills in any round. Below are his skills:

  • Golden Arrows (4 Energy) – Deals (420% to 520%) physical damage to 1 enemy. The attack absorbs 25% of the attack power of the 3 teammates with the highest base physical attack.
  • Dying Heroes (Passive) – After Sagittarius Aiolis is killed, returns (60% to 100%) of the attack absorbed to the owner.
  • Arrow of Justice (Passive) – After killing the target by using Golden Arrows, Sagittarius Aiolos has a (70% to 100%) chance to gain Extra Move.

Attack Line Up

On the attack line up, you can use Luna to give extra moves to your Saints, good for quick elimination of enemies. Feel free to change the Optional Saints for your existing Saints.

SaintsSpecial Skill

Using its extra 2 energy Kiki will be helpful to any high damage saints like Aiolos (optional) ultimate skill which requires 4 stars.

Luna can grant extra move to any of your allied unit. Good pair with Marin for healing or Milo for energy efficient damage.

Since the damage is lesser from June, Marin can easily full the health bar of each allies.

Milo (Optional)
Since we have Luna here, Milo don’t wait anymore for the next round, its skill scarlet cyclone charge and scarlet needle can be use both on the current round.

Aldebaran (Optional)
Good for long rounds, when star limit reaches 8. Its ultimate skill 2 energy can make huge damage to the enemy. It is also good pair with Luna, if you have 4 extra energy left.

Aiolos (Optional)
Aiolos 4 Energy skill can wipe out single enemy per round. Use it wisely with Kiki. Although not suitable for Luna, as it requires 8 energy to makes 2 attack.

Sextans Luna (B Level)

Luna is one of the low level saints that has unique skills, which can give one to to two extra moves to targeted allies. It is a good combination with Saints that uses low energy or zero energy like Scorpio Milo. Good for giving dual damage to the enemy. However, it can also be useful for saints that uses 3 to 4 energy as long as it is enough energy to cover for the extra move. The maximum energy of each round is only 8.

  • Star Fate Prayer (1 Energy) – Lune prays for 1 allied hero (except herself). If the target has not received any new negative effects before their action phase, the prayer will be answered and the target will be granted Extra Move (Star Fate Prayer cannot stack)
  • Vast Galaxy (Passive) – Star Fate Prayer has a 1% chance to grant the target 2 Extra Moves

Eagle Marin (A Level)

You can also use Eagle Marin on Attack line up, good for recovering health for longer fight.

Pair with 3 Gold Saints or any Level A Saints

Lastly, pair with 3 Gold Saints or any Level A Saints you have for damage.

Characters Against June’s Vines Growth

If happen your enemies line up has June in it. There is an effective saints that can disables June’s Vines Growth. Below are the suitable Saints that are effective on disabling that abilities.

SaintsSpecial Skill

Andromeda Shun
His skill Angled Chain Thunder Wave has 80% chance of restricting the target for 2 action rounds. Meaning, he can disable chain June and disable her skills.

Nero Priest
Her skill Dark Curse will have 100% chance on silencing June skills for 1 round.

Above character are also good on disabling Saints with OP skills like the healer, and Gold Saints.

That’s all for now guys! There are more guides we will be making for this game. Stay tuned to our FB group for updates.

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