7 Reasons to be Interested in VR Gaming

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Lots of people were understandably sceptical about VR gaming and how much it could really achieve. But a few years on, it’s clear that it’s something you certainly should care about and be interested in. It offers experiences that you won’t find anywhere else thanks to the unique nature of VR.

So, if you’re still sitting on the fence and you’re not sure whether VR is something you should be particularly interested in, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 7 indisputable reasons why you should be interested in VR gaming right now and we’re going to discuss them next so read on.

1. The Top Games Are Improving at an Incredible Rate

The games that have been released so far for VR platforms have been of a variable quality overall, but you can see the levels of improvement occurring. Things are moving in the right direction and that’s something that you can really benefit from if you jump on board right now. There are lots of new innovations and developers are really understanding what the platform has to offer better than ever before. We’re definitely on an upward curve right now.

2. Beloved Game Franchises Are Embracing VR

There are also lots of beloved franchises already using VR in a variety of ways. You can play Street Fighter, Doom and even Elder Scrolls via VR to name but a few. And even the guys over at Nintendo are now jumping on the bandwagon and seeing what VR has to offer. There are modes in Super Smash Bros and Super Mario Odyssey that are using Nintendo’s Labo VR. It’s definitely something that big game companies are now taking seriously.

3. There Are VR Gaming Experiences That Can’t be Experienced Any Other Way

These VR experiences matter because they’re unique and they can’t be gained any other way. If you aren’t using VR yet, you’re definitely missing out on something because these experienced can’t be replicated or replaced by any other technology or type of gaming. If you want to experience VR to the fullest, you need a VR headset; it’s as simple as that. So why let yourself miss out on things so fun?

4. VR is Social

VR can also be social now as well. More and more developers are creating games that allow you to step into virtual worlds inhabited by other people, whether they’re random strangers or your friends. It’s an interesting twist on what we’ve seen from VR so far and it’s something you’ll definitely want to experience if you enjoy that kind of social aspect to playing video games. It’s already growing in popularity massively. It’s likely more games will run with this idea going forward.

5. It’s More Than a Gimmick

It’s certainly no longer a gimmick. It would have been fair to describe VR as a gimmick a few years ago or way back in the past when the tech wasn’t ready and some people got a little too excited about it. But things have changed now and it’s clear that VR has a lot to offer. Not only is it becoming a major force in the world of gaming, but it’s also being used in medicine, architecture, city planning, fashion and even retail. The technology is here and it’s not going away this time.

6. There Are Lots of Great Small and Indie Games to Play Too

As well as the big hitters that we’ve mentioned above, there are lots of smaller and indie style games that are using VR and this is arguably where some of the most interesting stuff is happening right now. For example, a game like Final Assault offers so much that the bigger games aren’t doing in VR just yet. And then there are games like Beat Saber and Panoptic that are so creative and interesting, and they’re 100% indie games.

7. VR is Finally Delivering on its Promises

You might argue that VR has been hyped before and fallen away but it’s clear that this time those promises are finally being delivered on. It’s doing what it set out to do and people are having incredible and totally unique gaming experiences as a result of that. It’s definitely something worth celebrating.
It’s understandable that you might have had your reservations about VR gaming in the past. But you shouldn’t dismiss it without trying it out for yourself because it’s now a gaming niche with a lot to offer. You’ll quickly realise it’s something that you should care about once you do try it out.

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