Where to Buy Puriku Codes for Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Ragnarok M Eternal Love recently partnered with Thailand’s favorite juice drinks Puriku. Any flavor of Puriku drinks products will have a redeemed code label under the cap in which it can be redeemed to the game in exchange of an exclusive item.

The exclusive item that players of Ragnarok M Eternal Love will get are the Puriku Drink and Puriku P Cha. However, getting Puriku P Cha is a little bit challenging as the chances of getting this item are very low.

In our case, we redeemed 5 x Puriku Codes and we’re not able to get the Puriku P Cha. Although Puriku Drinks are so helpful for leveling faster as it gives you double experience for both base and job level.

Where to Buy Puriku?

Players in Thailand have no problem purchasing these drinks as it is widely available on their local stores (eg. 7 Eleven) because it is originated in their country. In other parts of SEA region, especially in the Philippines – only limited stores are selling these drinks and its hard to find.

There are also players who live in Thailand that sells Puriku on the internet but quite expensive and without the drink; Usually sells the labeled codes only and cost around 50 PHP each. You must also be careful of transacting online as there are scammers around.


Game is now live! To win, just beat the highest score to earn Puriku codes. You can play the game at https://gamingph.com/puriku/

What is Puriku P Cha

Here are the stat of this item.


Puriku P Cha
All Attributes + 2
Atk + 20, M.Atk + 20

Type: Tail

Deposit Reward: Atk + 3
Unlock Reward: None

What is Puriku Drink

Based from its description “Drink this Puriku Drink to gain double Base and Job Exp from killing monsters for 30 minutes after use (Buff’s remaining time elapses when you’re dead and when you’re out of combat but not when you’re offline).

It is a Consumable item or potion that you can use to double both Base and Job exp for 30 minutes, similar to other item on the previous events.

How to Claim Puriku Codes

To redeem your giftbox, you need to go to ragnaroketernallove.com/jana

Fill up the form and enter the redeem code. Once it’s valid, you’ll get a mail from the game containing the Puriki Gift Box.

That’s it guys!

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