Pokemon Rumble Rush now Available, How to Download

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A new Pokemon game is now unleashed. The Pokemon Company reveals its newest mobile game the Pokemon Rumble Rush. However, it is not yet available on other region as well as here in the Philippines.

This game is not the usual RPG game where you’ll catch, train and battle a pokemon, but this time it’s a hack & slash type of game where you’ll able to defeat and has a chance to catch pokemon by tapping them and has a boss Pokemon on every stage. Pokemon can also equip with a Power Gear where it increase stats and Summon Gear to summon other Pokemon to help you in the battle.

The game is currently available and release in Australia and will roll out in other region.

How to Download Pokemon Rumble Rush

If you wish to play the game earlier, you can download the game by using a VPN and connects to Australia region. You also need a Google Account that is set in Australia in order for you to download the game.

You can download Pokemon Rumble Rush at Google Play.

You can also search on Google for the APK version.

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