Mobile Legends Bang Bang enthusiasts gather in the Ultimate 5:15 Unite Day

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They came, they played, they took home prizes and freebies and became legends of their own.

The summer heat was no match for Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) enthusiasts who gathered in Eastwood City Open Park last May 18 for MLBB’s fun and action-filled carnival, 5:15 Unite Day.

A whole day event which began from 11AM until 8PM, “5:15 Unite Day” saw e-players interacting with fellow MLBB fans while bringing home freebies and prizes from the popular Mobile Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game.

Kicking off the exciting line-up of activities was the opening of the Land of Dawn and passport distribution to those who came that day to take part in #MLBB #515UNITE. The Land of Dawn refers to where the two battlegrounds and the background places of the heroes in Mobile Legends are located.

The first part of the event was the 5:15 Unite Day Cosplay Contest where cosplayers came in their favorite MLBB character. At the end of the day, three best cosplayers were chosen to bring home cash and MLBB diamonds.

Proving that anyone can be a legend, MLBB players showcased their spirit of competition and teamwork in the 5:15 Unite Day Tournament. A total of 16 teams composed of five members each went head to head in Best of One (Bo1) Round Robin format until only two groups were left to battle it all out.

Closing the 5:15 Unite Day was the Grand Raffle. Minor prizes for those present at Eastwood that night included 600 diamonds, 1000 diamonds, and 20 Miya merchandise with MPL tickets.

In the end, Faze team won over VGJ Thunder in the Best of 3 (Bo3) rounds after taking two rounds and was named the grand champion. Each heroes of Faze team received a loot bag filled with five permanent skins, five random skins, 10 scratch cards, and Miya merchandise.

Further, lucky winners of major prizes were able to bring home premium gaming headsets and Mobile Legends permanent skins. Of course, everyone was after the grand prize which was a smartphone.

Other pocket activities that made 5:15 the MLBB carnival to beat included heroes Gauntlet, Tug-of War, photo booths, and game booths.

Also making the 5:15 Unite Day extra special, players were given free access to all heroes, even giving them the chance to unlock a new hero for free.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang continues to gain popularity since it was first introduced in the Philippines in 2016, becoming one of the most popular apps among Filipino e-sports fans.

A MOBA game, MLBB challenges the competitive side of Filipinos while promoting the spirit of team work—a trait which can be likened to the bayanihan spirit imbibed in the Pinoy culture. 

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