Lucifer’s IGN “MFNDevil” and Eve’s “F1rstWoman” actually Exists in XBOX Live

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Are you’re an avid fan of the series Lucifer and already done watching season 4? If you haven’t seen the latest season yet, you need to watch it first before reading this post. SPOILER ALERT: Super Bad Boyfriend is the eighth episode of Lucifer’s fourth season. It’s the one where Luci goes to extremes to convince Eve to dump him. He tries to break up with Eve by being the annoying boyfriend who plays too much video games and parties too hard, but it didn’t work out well.

In the scene where Luci and Eve are playing Killer Instinct on XBOX, their hilarious in-game names “IGN” were shown on the TV screen. Luci’s was MFNDevil and Eve’s was F1rstWoman.

Surprisingly, when you look up those IGN in XBOX Live, both actually exist! MFNDevil played one game in Killer Instinct and manages to get 15 achievement points, while the F1rstWoman didn’t have any records yet.

We don’t know if these accounts were just made for the show or if somebody decided to create the IGN after watching the episode. But, as of this writing, the accounts MFNDevil and F1rstWoman now have 63 followers and 37 followers respectively and still counting.

We posted a question on Twitter addressed to Tom asking if these accounts are real and made up for the show but we haven’t heard from him yet – help us by retweeting this post until we get some answers.

To its huge fan’s dismay, Fox canceled the show after three seasons. But thanks to Netflix, Season 4, which has 10 episodes, has just been released and is now available for streaming. Lucifer is back with a vengeance as it seats on number 1 spot as the most binge-watched show this week.

So, what if Tom Ellis aka Lucifer Morningstar or Inbar Lavi aka Eve are actually the true users of these XBOX Live accounts? We’re curious to know, what game would you like to play with the Devil himself or the FirstWoman? Let us know in the comment section.

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