How to Fix Micro Stutter in Apex Legends

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After the last patch update of Origin yesterday, some players of Apex Legends are experiencing a micro-stutter problem in the game making it unplayable. It also resulted to suddenly increase of FPS for some players “I can’t play apex, it keeps stuttering and the fps suddenly reaches 200fps.”.

As of the moment, the problem is still unknown. The only sure is the stuttering is something to do with the Origin last patch update. However, Some folks on Reddit come up with a solution to the problem. A post from reddit by u/darkgaledust suggested a way fix to the problem.

How to Fix Micro-Stutter in Apex Legends

To fixed the micro-stutter, all you have to do is to disable the Origin in-game.

1. Open Origin client.

2. Go to Options or Settings.

3. Then at the Origin in-game tab, uncheck the Enable Origin In-Game.

After doing the step above, try playing the Apex Legends again and the stutter should be gone.

Right now, that’s the only temporary fix to the problem. Let’s wait for a new update from Origin to settle this error.

There are also some reports that Razer

If you still have problem with the game stutter, leave a comment down below.

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