GvG Final Battle finally arrives in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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The official page of Ragnarok M Eternal Love finally announced the availability of GvG Final Battle or also known as “War of Crystal in the Chinese version of the game”.

There are no other details yet about the game, but right now they have maintenance update that will surely include these new features.

To everyone who’s been playing Ragnarok Mobile in China server, most of you are probably already familiar how the battle works. But just give you a recap and help out other new players, here are some information about the game. Credits to Cerulean Blues for the quick guide.

Event Time

Every Sunday night, after the Guild Battle.

  • SEA Server: 10:30 PM to 11:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time)


Guilds who obtained a perfect defense at 10:25PM (Manila, Philippine Time) may already qualify for the GVG Final Battle Qualification.

How to Start

If your Guild is qualified, at 10:27PM (Manila, Philippine Time), a portal will appear at the top of the Guild Hall. Entering the portal will lead players to the GVG Final Battle Battlegrounds.

GvG Final Battle Rules

There are rules in order for your guild to enter the GvG Final Battle, and your guild needs to meet the following requirements.

  • Entire guild members can enter the battle.
  • Guilds will be spawn on the 4 side corner of the maps.

Earning Points in Battle

There are two ways to earn points during the battle. One is by defeating the MVP’s and other is Breaking the Emperium. For details check below.

  • New MVPs monsters will spawn every 3 minutes on the North and South corner of the map. Killing the four MVPs will earn you 1 Crystal.
  • Guilds who break the Emperium on the center will earn 2 Crystals.
  • Guilds who break the remaining 5 Emperiums will earn 1 Crystals.(The Emperium owned by the guild is not included).

How to Win

There are two ways to win the GvG Final Battle.

  • The Guilds who first collects 5 Crystals will instantly secure the 1st place.
  • If no Guilds are able to collect 5 Crystals, they will be ranked from highest to lowest, based on the numbers of crystal they’ve collected.
  • If there is a draw, the Guilds who first collected the number of Crystals will secure the higher place.

The GVG Final Battle map consists of four diagonal guild base areas, the buff areas on the top and bottom of the map, the east and west crystal towers on the left and right sides of the map, and the central core.

The guild base area is the spawn and resurrection point of the guild member; each guild base area has an Emperium crystal representing each guild’s initial crystal resource. After 3 minutes of the start of the battle, it can be attacked by other guilds. If it is broken, the respective guild will lose one crystal resource.

The buff platform will spawn an MVP approximately every 3 minutes. Whoever defeats it will receive a Crystal Fragment. 4 Crystal Fragments = 1 Crystal.

The central core and the eastern and western Crystals are conquered via occupation occupation. They may be occupied 3 minutes after the battle starts. The guild with most players in the capture circle will continuously gain capture points. The area will be captured by this guild when capture progress bar in full. 

How to Protect Crystals

There is an Emperium crystal in each guild base area representing the initial crystal resource. 3 minutes after the battle starts, it may be attacked by other guilds. You need to protect it. If it is broken, you will lose a crystal resource.

Although breaking the crystal resources of other guilds will not help your own guild to obtain crystal resources, it can prevent other guilds from winning. Defeating opponents will also cause them to respawn back at their base, which can buy you precious time!


The guilds who won on the battle will earn a materials (God’s Coin, Honor Proof, Praying Card Pack, etc) for God Headgear and God Back. They will also earn Honor Points and Prayers Card Pack.

New Guild Headwear Workshop

After building the Headwear Workshop, you may unlock the Headwear Artifact NPC. Upgrading the facility will increase the total number of Headwear Artifacts that can be owned, whether of the same or different types.

In the new GVG Store, you may trade God’s Coin for Headwear Artifact Shards.

So, that completes our quick game overview. Is your guild ready for battle? Let us know in the comment section!

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