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Ever heard of an idle game? You’ve probably played this type of game before, especially during the Adobe Flash era where you can play games in the Internet Explorer browser. Also known as the clickers game, the name itself refers to; how to play the game – click your mouse, get rewards, repeat until you make progress and get addicted to it. These days, this exciting genre is expanding not only in mobile game but also in game consoles. DHGames’ the Dungeon Rush Rebirth is the exact type of the above mentioned video game genre that we’re going to uncover on this review. This is a free-to-play RPG game that can be played right now on your mobile devices. The Dungeon Rush’s iOS is already launch on May 29, and available on both Google Playstore and Apple’s Appstore.

While most of the idle games you find online are more inclined to cartoon style designs, Dungeon Rebirth Rush adopts magic and dark style artwork in different way. Aside from its visually-apppealing graphic design, it has a very satisfying battle and rewards system that makes this game addictive. From leveling up heroes to clearing dungeons, and to competing against other players for the leaderboard.

First Impression

At the initial launch of the game, it will show you a mandatory briefing tutorial on how to precisely play the game. It is quite long but worth the effort as it gives you an idea about the little, but significant, details of the game that are necessary to achieve progress.

You’ll start with a few heroes in your deck, most of these heroes can defeat every enemy in the early stages. It is noticeable too that the Battle effect gives a strong visual impact and rich presence to its players.

As you progress, you’ll eventually earn some new heroes and equipment for clearing dungeons. That’s pretty much everything you need to to start a lengthy adventure. In our case, we advanced to level 30 in one seating by doing just the normal routine, clearing the dungeon, defeating the bosses in Endless Abyss, leveling up heroes, and collecting heroes shards.

What would hinder you from the moving forward are the lack of gold and hero soul which are essentials to level up your heroes. Without that, you basically need to wait for the replenishment on the next day.

If you’re out for work, for school or anything, the game can also play by itself without you interacting to it. Once a player defeats the stage on a dungeon, it automatically initiates training and accumulate rewards.


You’ll be surprised by the numbers of heroes available in this game. There is wide range of heroes in the pool to choose from, and the artwork quality of every hero is amazingly good. For us, it is one of the selling points of this game. It makes unlocking each of the heroes rewarding.

Each hero is unique with different roles and skills. Players can develop heroes through upgrading equipment, skills, and levels. The different characteristics of these heroes can assemble a team strategically to win for each battle. Heroes in different factions complement each other. The players’s best strategy is to build a sold hero team and win the battle.

There are six rank type of heroes, D, C, B, A, S, and SS. The Rank D is the lowest and rank SS is the highest. Each rank allows the heroes to evolve and gain new skills. The maximum level for an S hero is level 100, and can be increased by evolving the hero to SS which will unlock the level 150 cap.

There is also an Awaken upgrade where heroes can increase their level cap by 10. Evolving the heroes is not easy as it needs a set of the same hero in order to advance and getting the same hero is depends on luck.

There is a rare hero that is much more difficult to obtain because the chance of getting it is pretty low. It is the Elite hero which is only available from a selected shop in the game or from Gacha with a little chance.

Players can also gear up their diversified equipment system and unlock randomly generated attributes that will improve the current abilities of the heroes.


The dungeon is where the main story of the game lies, it’s where you can play different chapters and dive into a crazy journey, with each map having different types of monsters, boss and stages. The more you progress in the dungeon the more the difficult-to-defeat monster you’ll encounter.

Players can acquire new equipment from clearing the dungeon, same as in idle gameplay.


Test the ability of players through the diverse forms of battles in Arena, 1V1, 3V3 or a full team battle. Keep in mind though that you need to be stronger enough to challenge strengths and abilities of your heroes in the said arenas or in a full team battle. Also, the arena is only available on certain levels.

Every end of the month, players in the rank leaderboard will be rewarded with equivalent rewards that they can use to exchange for a treasure which contains rare items for the hero.

Endless Abyss

Ever dream of a game where you enjoy a boss fight? The Endless Abyss is one of Dungeon Rush’s core function where you’ll be challenged with multiple teams-up to test your limits. The stages on Endless Abyss is literally endless. Every boss you defeat on each level increases the difficulty of the next one until your heroes are exhausted. Players are also acknowledged on the rank leaderboards where they can show off their current stage.


It may be a pay to win, but Dungeon Rush: Rebirth is different from the usual p2w scheme. Dungeon Rush sets a limit to everything to make sure it leads fair gameplay to other players, especially to the free ones. The game only has 2 paid features. One is the VIP subscription that has increased drop rate, and a few items, and the other is the Diamond shop.

One can hardly exchange a diamond for an item in the game as every item sold has a limitation, meaning pay to win players will still have difficulty progressing in the game due to this limits, bravo to DH games for doing this.


Be a member or be a leader. If you’re the type of a gamer who likes to make friends, join a guild. But if you both like to make friends and be a team leader, you can create your own guild. No matter what your preference is, being in a guild is a perfect element for you to progress in the game. It also encourages interaction with other players that enriches social activities.

As of the moment, there are no guild wars yet in the game. We’re hoping that DH Games will add this function in the future and surely, it will be a big hit with its fans and players.

Decompose and Dismantle

If you have excess hero that is not useful anymore to your current level, the game has a hero decomposition features that lets you exchange these heroes for a pinch of Soul Glint. The Soul Glint can be used to buy a new hero from the store, but its quite expensive and you need to request more decomposition to get one.

Equipments you don’t need can also be dismantled to create shard that can enhance your other equipments.

Daily Grind

When you come to a point where you’ve already reached the maximum capacity of your heroes or you’re stuck and can’t do anything because you’re running out of gold for level up, daily replenishment comes in. It will give you a set of new objectives to complete. Also, rewards from auto-dungeon, which contains Gold and Soul Glint, can be claimed daily.

In the game, as the account level gets higher, more facilities are unlocked. Higher level includes Destiny Spring, Gem Lode and Rune Relics. These facilities will give you items like Gem, and Rune.

Language Supported

Wherever you’re located in the world, this game has different languages built-in so players can enjoy and to understand the game in their native language. It currently supports the following language: 简体中文, 繁體中文, English, Français, Deutsch, Português, 日本語, Pусский, Español, Türkçe, Italiano, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt and Melayu.


If you’re familiar with and fond of this genre, Dungeon Rush: Rebirth is a must try. But if this all new to you, this game is a fitting introduction to the world of idle game genre. It’s very ideal for first timer as it provides a good grasp of the game’s mechanics. Dungeon Rush: Rebirth serves as your training ground. It’s also addictive. The more you play and get familiar with the basics, the more you get hooked on the game. The existence of Diverse game modes sets out as supplement for the core idle mode. Dungeon Rush: Rebirth delivers a rewarding and satisfying gaming experience as there are more levels for you to progress, and more higher level heroes to unlock and play with. LOL

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